K-12 Education

Teachers in need meet donors online

Columbia teachers are turning to nonprofit to combat budget cuts and the failing economy.

Columbia Public Schools prepare for possible resurgence of H1N1 virus

There were seven confirmed H1N1 cases during summer school this year, a school official said. On Wednesday, school nurses discussed the health issue at a district staff meeting.


Elementary principal returns to the classroom

After 12 years, Mary Korth-Lloyd, principal at Rock Bridge Elementary School, will return to the classroom for a year. She hopes to become a better leader after she has walked in teacher's shoes again.

Students at six Columbia Public Schools will have transfer option

Parents of affected students must turn in request for transfer forms by Aug. 28 if they decide to pursue the option.

Organizations and individuals partner to help struggling schools

Organizations such as the Voluntary Action Center and the Salvation Army are providing classroom supplies, backpacks and clothing to schools and students in need.

School district tax rate increase proposed

The Columbia school district's property tax may increase by 8 cents per $100 appraised beginning in December. 

Columbia Public Schools beat state, national averages for ACT scores

Columbia Public School students have exceeded state and national averages and shown slight improvement over last year's average scores. The average ACT score for students in Columbia Public Schools is 23.9.

Columbia School Board members say time on board is well spent

Columbia School Board members spend a substantial amount of time to complete a majority of their board work between regular meetings. But they say it's time well spent as they go about doing what they think is best for the district.

Today's Question: What precautions should schools take to prevent a swine flu outbreak?

An official vaccine for the H1N1 virus won't be available until mid-October, and the Columbia Public School District has no specific protocols in place for an outbreak, so parents have been urged to simply keep their children at home when they are sick.

Preventing high school dropouts can start in 4th grade

With one out of every four students in the nation failing to graduate high school in four years, it's time to step back and look at the causes and symptoms of the high school dropout – and possible solutions to the sobering statistic.

Mixed results from Missouri students on academic tests

Roughly two-thirds of Missouri's public schools failed to meet tougher progress standards established under federal law. State officials, however, were pleased by the mixed results.

Belcher responds to Columbia schools' failure to meet state testing standards

In talking about how the district performed on assessment tests, new Columbia schools Superintendent Chris Belcher used an analogy comparing the tests to a physical one might get at a doctor's office. The results indicate schools might have “a fever,” but it does not mean they are seriously ill.  


Majority of Columbia public schools fall short of state progress standards

This year, all but four Columbia public schools failed to meet adequate yearly progress, which is used to examine student proficiency in math and communication arts. Four elementary schools met the state-defined standards. An additional two elementary schools face corrective actions after falling short of the standards for a second consecutive year.

Understanding adequate yearly progress

The adequate yearly progress determined by Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test scores for third- to eighth-graders is expected to be one hundred percent by 2014.

Missouri students score better in English than in math and science

The results of these tests have left schools across the state facing sanctions underneath the No Child Left Behind Act and examining their math and science curriculums.

School Board narrowly approves stimulus cash spending

The Columbia School Board will enter into negotiations to buy a building at 4600 Bethel Street after discussion in a closed meeting Monday night. Earlier in the evening members voted to spend 5 percent of the district's stimulus money for special education.

Missouri agrees to develop national academic standards for public schools

Missouri is joining an effort to create national core educational standards for public schools. “We now have a patchwork of differing state-developed standards," says state Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro, "and that has become a barrier to improving academic performance for all students.”

New public school heat policy in effect for fall

Columbia Public Schools' policy for heat-related early dismissal, changed last year, affects only those schools that don't have air conditioning. And the district plans to make cooling those schools a priority as part of a bond issue slated for 2010.

Federal grant helps create MU math and life sciences program

A new program at MU will build a community of students and faculty around the intersection of mathematics and life sciences. The program is funded by a five-year, $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

School board likely to vote on stimulus funds

The Columbia School Board could vote Monday on the allocation of $171,000 of stimulus funds to improve its special education department.