K-12 Education

Columbia Independent School to move

The school is moving from Stephens College to a location a quarter of a mile north of the intersection of Stadium Boulevard and Interstate 70.

Rock Bridge graduates 551 students in Mizzou Arena

“We definitely have a bunch of talented kids in our class, athletically and academically,” said Alex Litofsky, one of four valedictorians. “I think we were a pretty special class.”

More than 600 students graduate from Hickman High

More than 600 students graduated on Saturday afternoon. The class received more than eight million dollars in scholarships and awards.

Hickman and Rock Bridge High School valedictorians tell all

A total of 9 valedictorians represent the schools’ 2008 classes. We sat down with them to discuss their most memorable moments and greatest accomplishments.

Douglass High School students celebrate graduation successes

A record number of students took part in the 2008 graduation ceremony at Columbia's only alternative high school.

Telling Missouri’s tale one tile at a time

Heinrich Leonhard dabs a brush into glaze the color of scrambled eggs and applies it gently to raised shapes on a ceramic tile. “Just a bit of yellow so it’s not all white,” the artist tells the tile’s maker, Abir Siraji, a fourth-grader at Grant Elementary School. “Sometimes limestone comes in all sorts of colors.” Abir’s tile is part of a larger project under way across the fourth grade at Grant as students learn Missouri geography, government and history.

Permanent substitute teachers on school budget chopping block

Columbia Public School’s remaining permanent substitute positions may be cut in the next draft of the budget.

School board still struggles with cuts

Math and literacy coaches, beginner and veteran teachers, outreach counselors, two principals and parents all offered perspectives on what they think is vital to the success of Columbia students.

School board to vote on proposed boundary lines for new school

The Columbia Public School board will meet Monday to vote on proposed boundary lines for the new elementary school and to further discuss the 2008-09 budget.

New School Board vice president thinks a more positive sell would help

Steve Calloway sat down recently to answer questions about the voters’ rejection of the levy increase and about life on the new Columbia School Board.

Partners In Health cofounders speak to Rock Bridge High School class

Paul Farmer and Ophelia Dahl, co-founders of Partners In Health, spoke to a Rock Bridge classroom on Tuesday.

Benton Elementary K Club works to improve school grounds

Members of the Benton Elementary School K Club began working on additions to the school’s outdoor classroom Tuesday night.

School superintendent to take a voluntary pay cut

Phyllis Chase, superintendent of Columbia Public Schools, said she will voluntarily cut her $200,340 salary, but has not said what the amount of that cut will be. The school board has been searching for ways to cut $10 million from the 2008-09 budget.

Gas leak prompts evacuation of Columbia Public Schools' administration building

After construction crews hit a gas line, the Columbia Fire Department responded and employees were evacuated for fewer than 30 minutes.

Commissions seek public input for high school site plan

Columbia and Boone County’s joint planning and zoning commissions will hold a public meeting about the site and want a plan to help guide the project’s growth.

A new place for play at Parkade: 'More jungle gyms,' 'new monkey bars,' 'a football field'

Students at Parkade Elementary School speak their minds about what kind of play equipment they would like with the new grant approved by the City Council.

House: Pair teacher councils and districts on contract talks

It's an attempt to set up a structure for collective bargaining.

Internet safety night advises parents to stay involved

Panelists gave parents advice on protecting their children from dangers on the Internet at the forum hosted by Columbia Public Schools.

Final Speak Your Mind forum addresses Internet issues

Hickman High School students focused their questions on the issues of free and anonymous speech on the Internet.

Latin classes celebrate with Toga Day

Columbia Independent School students studying Latin prepared skits and donned togas for the 10th annual celebration of Toga Day.