Thursday's record rain keeps Columbia roads closed

Heavy rainfall Thursday kept seven Boone County roads closed Friday.

Thursday's rain beats an 87-year record in Columbia

The rainfall on Thursday broke a record from 1927.


Village Square Park to close after years of negotiation

A lease between the Parks and Recreation Department and First Christian Church ended in 2010. After several meetings, city officials and church representatives decided to close the park, but regular visitors are unhappy about the change.

Columbia organization prepares youth to walk the runway for a cause

Students participating in the YEZ fashion show first learned how to model their leadership and self-esteem before taking to the runway on Saturday.

Tigers on the Prowl help charities raise money

Buy a tiger and help a Missouri charity was the theme of Tigers on the Prowl auction.

Columbia animals to be blessed in annual ceremony

The Blessing of the Beasts brings together human and animals in a special ceremony. This is the fourth year for the event.

In first big act, peer ambassadors at West Middle ice teachers after fundraiser

After raising more than $2,000 for ALS research, the Peer Ambassadors at West Middle School dumped buckets of ice water on their teachers' heads Friday. It was all part of a new elective class at the school that allows students to show leadership skills in school.

Grants awarded to promote Missouri produce

The Missouri Department of Agriculture on Thursday announced 14 groups will receive block grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's specialty crop funds.

Plans for statewide Rock Island Trail moving forward

The 145-mile stretch of the Rock Island line could become a bike path running parallel to the Katy Trail. 

MU student born without forearm tests prosthetics technology in hopes of becoming police officer

Nathan West's brain sends a signal to his nerves, telling them how his lower arm should move. The electrodes then send messages to the prosthetic, which responds to West's direction.

Boone County expects to have zone weather alert system in place by spring

The Office of Emergency Management in Boone County is moving away from sounding all alarms across the county to a more targeted alert system.

Police officers called to Aspen Heights more than 300 times this year

Saturday's shooting, which left one injured and two in custody, is the latest in a series of criminal issues at Aspen Heights apartment complex. Since January 2014, there have been 326 calls placed to Columbia police from the complex.

UM President Tim Wolfe updates Board of Curators on Title IX issues

The UM System Board of Curators unanimously approved updates to the Collected Rules and Regulations, which were made in an attempt to strengthen the university's sexual misconduct and discrimination responses.

Invasive carp finds place in Columbia supermarket

Beginning Saturday at Moser's supermarket, shoppers can pick up a tube of silver carp. They can also sample carp chili, which features the new product, prepared by an MU researcher.

Columbia College video game challenge champion will win year's worth of pizza

Columbia College's video game challenge Oct. 17 will give students a chance to win a year's worth of textbooks and free pizza from MaMa Rosa's, an Ohio-based pizza company. The challenge is part of a week of inauguration events in honor of the school's new president, Scott Dalrymple.












Flooding closes roads across Boone County; flood advisory in effect

The National Weather Service reported 2 to 4 inches of rain from storms that moved through the area Wednesday night. 

Boone County spared major storm damage, but more iffy weather on the way

Thursday's thunderstorms will give way to a cool weekend.

Little to fear from Ebola in U.S., MU physician says

With the first imported case of Ebola virus confirmed Tuesday, fears about the possibility of Ebola in the United States have been raised. But MU Chief Medical Officer Stevan Whitt said countries like the U.S. with modern hospital systems are far better equipped to help people survive the disease — and contain an outbreak.

Columbia schools extend emergency-monitoring radius

The school district's security officials now receive a text message whenever police respond to an incident within 2,000 feet of a school.

Free career coaching for women set for Saturday

Even the Odds, sponsored by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, will help women with the skills needed to find and keep a job. It will also feature a fashion show.