Psychiatrist says Kahler was 'severely mentally impaired' when shooting occurred

A Kansas City-based psychiatrist testified that the murder suspect "couldn't refrain from doing what he did." But under cross examination, he confirmed that Kahler referred to his daughter as "rotting corpses."

UPDATE: Kahler's physician says he didn't determine that Kahler had panic attacks

An update on Monday's testimonies for the Kahler trial. Kraig Kahler's doctor, along with Don and Marina Coulter, friends of Kraig and Karen Kahler from Weatherford, Texas, testified.

Co-defendant Deshon Houston pleads guilty in Hobson case

Deshon Houston, one of eight co-defendants in Hobson's case, pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery Monday.

Watkins to testify in Kahler trial

DNA, bloodstain and firearms examiners' evidence places Kahler at shootings

A former DNA investigator testified that Kraig Kahler's blood was found at the murder scene.

KBI agent says Kahler showed no curiosity about why he'd been arrested

The prosecution played a videotaped deposition of Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent Bill Halverson, who interviewed James Kraig Kahler the day of his arrest.

Kahler's father, brother say he made disturbing statements in weeks before shootings

James Kraig Kahler's brother and father told the Osage County District Court on Thursday afternoon that Kraig Kahler said he "might go out in a blaze of glory" and that he had "terrible thoughts."

Columbia man arrested on suspicion of cyber crimes

Sunny Reese testifies her relationship with Kahler's wife never a secret

Sunny Reese talked about how Kraig Kahler became increasingly agitated about the romantic relationship between Reese and Karen Kahler, especially when they made it clear he couldn't become part of it.

Columbia man arrested on suspicion of counterfeiting, marijuana possession

Jamaal Levon West, who has been the subject of an investigation since April, was arrested Tuesday night.

Defense attorney shows Kahler did not take prescribed medication

Defense attorney Tom Haney showed that Kraig Kahler never took the clonazepam pills he'd been prescribed for seizures and panic attacks, laying the groundwork for the argument that his client was mentally unstable at the time of the crime.

Attorney testifies Kahler proposed 'threesome' with Sunny Reese

Karen Kahler's divorce attorney, Dan Pingelton, said his client's husband had "introduced Sunny (Reese) sexually" to the couple, wanting to add another partner to his marriage.

Kahler murder trial: Afternoon testimony centers on physical evidence

Most of the prosecution’s witnesses Tuesday afternoon were law enforcement officers who took part in the cleanup and evidence collection effort after the shootings.


Exonerated Mo. inmate says he holds no grudges

Dale Helmig was freed from prison after a northwest Missouri judge ruled he was a "victim of manifest injustice" and two state appeals courts upheld that decision.


Bank robbery suspect arrested

Thaddeus Thompson admitted to involvement with robberies at Martinsburg Bank and Trust and Regions Bank, a police spokeswoman said.

Kahler murder trial: Son tells court his father 'shot my mom'

Sean Kahler, 12, was calm and collected as he spoke about the Nov. 28, 2009, shootings. He is the only living witness to the shootings of his mother, sisters and great-grandmother.

Smart911 gives emergency responders more information

Smart911 allows Columbia residents to create an online profile about themselves and their families. This profile comes up when the person calls 911, giving emergency responders more background on the caller.

Second defendant pleads guilty in Hobson case

The prosecution has recommended a sentence of 20 years for Patrick Marshall. Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight says members of the victim's family have been supportive of plea deals for the two defendants who've pleaded guilty.

Three teens shot in KC's Country Club Plaza; mayor was on site

Mayor Sly James had gone to the Plaza to witness for himself the crowds of teens and preteens whose presence has prompted worries. 

Missouri man won't be retried for mother's 1993 slaying

Dale Helmig has always maintained his innocence in the 1993 death of 55-year-old Norma Helmig.