Attorneys give closing arguments in Doisy trial

Deliberations in the Doisy murder trial began a little before 1 p.m. Friday. The defense called only three witnesses Friday morning. 

Former Missouri police officer sentenced for assaulting escorts

A former Missouri police officer has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting and robbing four paid escorts.

Missouri's aging inmate population straining state budget

The number of older inmates in Missouri's prisons has nearly tripled over the past decade, further straining an already strapped state budget. Some state officials wonder if there's a better way.

Witnesses' testimonies piece together trail up to Johnny Wright's arrest

Former Columbia Police Detective Chris Egbert was called several times to the stand to explain the police investigation that lead to an arrest warrant for Johnny Wright for Becky Doisy's death in 1976.

Original investigator of Doisy disappearance testifies during Wright trial

A retired police officer, Becky Doisy's sister and Doisy's friend testified Thursday in Johnny Wright's murder trial.

Witnesses struggle with details in Doisy murder trial

Some witnesses said Johnny Wright admitted he killed a Columbia woman, though it was difficult for them to recall after roughly 34 years.

Citizen holds stealing suspect at gunpoint

The Columbia man gives the credit to his dog, Bruiser, and his wife, Cynthia.

Roommate of Wright likely to be key witness in murder trial

Opening statements and four witnesses have been called so far in Johnny Wright's trial for second-degree murder in the presumed killing of Becky Doisy in 1976.

Study: Missouri has nation's top black homicide rate

Police officers point to a "subculture of violence" and a proliferation of guns on city streets. Nearly 86 percent of Missouri's black homicides occur in the state's most urban areas, and guns were involved in most cases.

Opening statements set for Wednesday morning in Doisy murder case

Opening statements for Johnny Wright's trial were set to begin Wednesday morning after it took almost nine hours to choose his jury Tuesday. Wright is on trial for the 1976 murder of 23-year-old Columbia woman Becky Doisy.

Students found with gun at Douglass High School

The Columbia Police Department took two Douglass High School students into custody after school administrators discovered a loaded gun.

Jury selection for 34-year-old Doisy murder case begins Tuesday

Johnny Wright is charged with the 1976 murder of Becky Doisy, an art student and waitress. It may be the most difficult case Boone County prosecutors have handled in many years.

Two being held on suspicion of armed robbery

Tajon Freelon, 19, and Moncory Dampier, 18, were arrested Thursday night in connection with the crime.

UPDATE: Zachariah Peterson arrested on charges of second-degree murder, armed criminal action

Peterson was arrested Friday in connection with the shooting death of James Leon Porter on Tuesday.

Columbia police have probable cause for Peterson arrest warrant

The Columbia Police Department will seek an arrest warrant for Zachariah Peterson after new developments in the James Leon Porter homicide case.

Man arrested on suspicion of assault on 10-year-old boy

A Boone County man was arrested Friday in connection with an assault on a 10-year-old boy Jan. 17.

Peterson's missing Chevy Tahoe found

Columbia police have not yet released information regarding the location, contents or conditions of the Tahoe, wanted as part of a homicide investigation.

Mexico teen charged in drifter's death faces hearing

A Mexico teen charged with helping his family kill a drifter could be tried as an adult.

UPDATE: Judge denies prosecution's final motion before Johnny Wright trial begins

A shovel and hoe that went missing in the same time frame that Becky Doisy disappeared in 1976 will not be allowed as evidence against Johnny Wright, her accused killer. 

Columbia Police arrest two suspects for slaying of homeless man

Columbia Police arrested two suspects Tuesday in connection with the Oct. 23 death of Jerry Edward Schneider. Ricky Lee Gaddy and Travis Grant Birkhead are suspected of striking Schneider in the head then stabbing him.