Tougher sentences sought for alleged Kansas City gang members

Prosecutors and law enforcement want to reduce gang-related violence by increasing sentences for alleged gang members.

UPDATE: Two men arrested in connection with MU student robbery

Shane Calahan, 25, and Brandt William G. Feutz, 23, have been arrested in connection with the Feb. 1 crime.

Attorney general announces recommended changes to domestic violence laws

The Domestic Violence Task Force re-evaluated the state's domestic violence laws for the first time in 30 years.

Five injured in three-car collision on U.S. 63

Five people were taken to University Hospital on Saturday with minor injuries they received after a three-car collision south of Columbia.

UPDATE: Police say robbery suspect used victim's credit card

One of the suspects used a stolen credit card and was seen on a surveillance camera, according to the MU Police Department. Police are still looking for suspects.

Russ Carnahan campaign possibly target of fraud

Forty-two bogus checks defrauded the campaign out of $28,023, according to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report.

MU student reports on-campus robbery

Police responded to a report of a strong-armed robbery near the intersection of South Ninth Street and Conley Avenue at approximately 12:30 a.m., MU Police Captain Scott Richardson said. The investigation is ongoing.

MU student robbed at gunpoint

Police are still looking for two suspects.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Crime statistics

Find crime statistics for MU, Columbia, Boone County and Missouri.

Missouri bill would boost penalties for human trafficking

A Missouri representative wants harsher penalties for those convicted of human trafficking at the state level. The proposed measure would bring the state penalties up to the same level as federal statutes.


MU police seize drugs, cash from room in Defoe-Graham Hall

Police found marijuana, ecstasy, steroids and more than $4,000 in a room in Defoe-Graham Hall, according to an MU police news release.

Wright found guilty of second-degree murder of Becky Doisy

After an August night in 1976, Becky Doisy was never seen or heard from again. Although Doisy is presumed dead and her body was never found, a jury found Johnny Wright guilty Friday of her disappearance and murder.

Three people arrested in meth lab discovery

The Boone County Sheriff's Department found chemicals, containers, tools and equipment needed to make methamphetamine, according to a news release.

Attorneys give closing arguments in Doisy trial

Deliberations in the Doisy murder trial began a little before 1 p.m. Friday. The defense called only three witnesses Friday morning. 

Former Missouri police officer sentenced for assaulting escorts

A former Missouri police officer has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting and robbing four paid escorts.

Missouri's aging inmate population straining state budget

The number of older inmates in Missouri's prisons has nearly tripled over the past decade, further straining an already strapped state budget. Some state officials wonder if there's a better way.

Witnesses' testimonies piece together trail up to Johnny Wright's arrest

Former Columbia Police Detective Chris Egbert was called several times to the stand to explain the police investigation that lead to an arrest warrant for Johnny Wright for Becky Doisy's death in 1976.

Original investigator of Doisy disappearance testifies during Wright trial

A retired police officer, Becky Doisy's sister and Doisy's friend testified Thursday in Johnny Wright's murder trial.

Witnesses struggle with details in Doisy murder trial

Some witnesses said Johnny Wright admitted he killed a Columbia woman, though it was difficult for them to recall after roughly 34 years.

Citizen holds stealing suspect at gunpoint

The Columbia man gives the credit to his dog, Bruiser, and his wife, Cynthia.