Police: Arizona suspect not talking ahead of court

Jared Loughner makes his first court appearance Monday at 3 p.m.

Second annual property manager summit to address crime

Thursday's summit will include discussions on crime prevention, slumlords, and effective screening.

Meth flourishes nationally despite medication tracking laws

Since tracking laws were enacted beginning in 2006, the number of methamphetamine busts nationwide has started climbing again.

Man arrested after climbing through woman's window

The 29-year-old Columbia man also allegedly stole cash and followed the woman as she fled her home.

House takes first step toward health care repeal

Republicans are using federal courts and governors' offices to attempt to appeal Obama's signature domestic achievement, a law aimed at covering nearly all Americans.

Execution date set for Missouri inmate Martin Link

Martin Link, convicted of murdering an 11-year-old girl in 1991, is scheduled to die Feb. 9.

Rick Clay's attorneys plan to petition Friday to halt his execution

In addition to the petition, Clay's attorneys plan to ask Gov. Jay Nixon for a grant of clemency.

ACLU questions Missouri's supply of execution anesthetic

Because of issues with sodium thiopental, the civil rights group says Missouri risks violating the Constitution if an execution goes on as scheduled.

Former CIA officer of Missouri charged with leak to reporter

Jeffrey Sterling of O'Fallon has been charged with 10 counts related to improperly keeping and disclosing national security information.

Derrick Washington set for bench trial in February

Derrick Washington will face a Boone County judge on February 16 for domestic assault charges.

Wife charged in killing of former Missouri police officer

Sandra Plunkett has been charged with first-degree murder.

Missouri Supreme Court to consider death penalty cases

Two men who pleaded guilty for a 1989 killing are asking the judge to overturn the sentences because they were decided by a judge instead of a jury.

Some looting of St. Louis storm victims' homes

William McCaskill to have preliminary hearing Wednesday

William McCaskill, brother of U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Two men arrested after robbery on Wilkes Blvd.

Two men were arrested after police responded to suspicious activity in and around the MediaCom office near College Avenue.

Two Missouri men arrested on drug charges

Two men were arrested Monday on suspicion of drug-related charges after being stopped for several traffic violations. 

Former Jefferson City police officer shot to death in apparent homicide

Holt's Summit Police Chief Kyle McIntyre says 52-year-old Paul Plunkett was shot Saturday afternoon inside his home.

Driver charged with breaking traffic law and resisting arrest

A man was arrested on suspicion of driving carelessly and resisting arrest. His passenger, a 16-year-old boy and previously reported runaway, was found with cocaine. 

Police are investigating a commercial burglary and gas station robbery

Police have arrested one man in connection with an attempted burglary at Kilgore's Pharmacy at Providence Road and looking for two more suspected of being involved in that incident. Police are also looking for two men suspected of robbing Midwest Petroleum on Paris Road.

Bridger enters not-guilty plea in shooting death of Aletha Turner

Ryan C. Bridger pleads not guilty in the shooting death of Aletha M. Turner in her home in northeast Columbia.