Academy announces upcoming Oscar nominees

Nominees for Best Picture include "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Slumdog Millionaire," the top two nominee recipients overall.

PHOTO GALLERY: Inauguration day

Click here for images from the inauguration of President Barack Obama, including scenes from Columbia and Boone County

ANALYSIS: Deficit spending is tough medicine

The expected growth of the federal government budget deficit to $1.2 trillion this year could swamp future generations with a tidal wave of debt. But failure to spend huge piles of money on stimuli could capsize an already foundering economy.

Don't get used to cheap oil, analysts say

Cuts in exploration and output mean prices are going to climb again, experts say, to the levels the were last summer. And it could happen by 2011 or 2012.

Single mom asks for financial assistance

A tough economy has left a number of employed residents short of money and needing assistance.

Brooklyn Dodgers' famous former pitcher Preacher Roe dies

Preacher Roe, a baseball player who had a 12-year career with the Dodgers, Pittsburgh and St. Louis died Sunday in West Plains. He was a four-time All-Star and a revered member of "The Boys of Summer" in Brooklyn.

NEWS RELEASE: For All We Call Mizzou campaign reaches $1 billion mark

This is the full text of the MU news release.

Stocks lose 10 percent in post-election rout

Wall Street plunged for a second day Thursday, triggered by computer gear maker Cisco Systems warning of slumping demand. Major indexes have lost about 10 percent since Barack Obama was elected president and the losses represent the Dow's worst two-day percentage decline since the October 1987 crash.

'Jurassic Park' author Crichton dies at 66

Michael Crichton, the million-selling author of such historic and prehistoric science thrillers as "Jurassic Park," "Timeline" and "The Andromeda Strain," has died of cancer, his family said.

UPDATE: Western Kentucky University all clear after reports of gunshots

Western Kentucky University was locked down for about three hours Wednesday after reports of gunmen on campus, but officials said they could find no evidence that shots had been fired or that anyone had a weapon.

Western Kentucky University campus on lockdown after reports of shots fired

Western Kentucky University was on lockdown Wednesday after someone reported seeing people with weapons in a building on a satellite campus and police later received reports that shots had been fired on the main campus, about two miles away. Police searched the South Campus building but were not able to find any people with guns or witnesses who could confirm the reports.

Shoe District ready to step ahead

City Council voted to recognize the Shoe Factory Disctrict Neighborhood Association, previously an official neighborhood association, but it is still part of the North-Central Columbia Neighborhood Association.

Columbia residents recall Paul Newman as 'philanthropic,' 'talented'

As one of Hollywood's greatest "sweethearts," Paul Newman is a legend to several generations. For some people, he's more than a handsome man or a good actor. To them, he's known as a charitable gentleman who frequently gave back to his community.

Crews work to rescue hurricane survivors in Texas

Rescue crews in high-wheel trucks, helicopters and boats ventured out to pluck people from their homes Saturday in an all-out search for thousands of Texans who stubbornly stayed behind overnight to face Hurricane Ike.

Judge refuses to dismiss MySpace hoax case

The hoax allegedly led to a 13-year-old girl’s suicide.

More retailers recall Simplicity bassinets

The 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 bassinets have been linked to two infant deaths in the past year.

Prof whose 'last lecture' became a sensation dies

Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose "last lecture" about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation and a best-selling book, died Friday. He was 47.

Rabbi finds vegetarianism to be a religious ideal

Rabbi Yossi Feintuch says vegetarianism is a religious ideal. “When you read about the abuse of animals in our own industrial meat production, then you cannot say that God’s idea about compassion for animals is achieved,” he says. Feintuch blames the nature of modern-day factory farming. “When a shepherd slaughters his sheep, he has some personal sentiments for her, and he will do his best to make sure that she suffers the least, but that is not a value in the meat factory,” Feintuch says. “Judaism cannot be a part of that, as I see it.”

Poetic Painting

The last time I checked, it seemed as though we Columbians were in the process of trashing a pretty nice piece of real estate. But I’ve also observed the same pattern of rampant and reckless development, substituting franchises for farms and forests, taking place all across the country, so I no longer think it’s a uniquely local form of madness.

Scouts praised for response after tornado hits Iowa camp

Boy Scouts who came to each others’ aid after a tornado that killed four of their comrades and injured 48 people were hailed as heroes Thursday for helping to administer first aid and search for victims buried in their flattened campsite.