In his final State of the Union, Bush addresses slumping economy, stresses patience in Iraq

President Bush, standing before Congress one last time, urged the nation Monday night to persevere against gnawing fears of recession and stay patient with the long, grinding war in Iraq. He pressed Congress to quickly pass a plan to rescue the economy.

State of the Union excerpts

Read excerpts from tonight's State of the Union speech by President Bush, scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.

World watches the drama of U.S. presidential primaries

From Mombasa’s sandy shores on the Indian Ocean to the hot tubs of Reykjavik, Iceland, the U.S. primary elections are creating unprecedented interest and excitement in a global audience that normally doesn’t tune in until the general election in November.

Missouri’s congressional delegation outlines individual successes for the year

Sen. Kit Bond listed a water projects bill as one of his major accomplishments, while Sen. Claire McCaskill said she was most proud of an amendment to create a commission to investigate war contract mismanagement.

Pakistanis in U.S. worry what Bhutto's death means for homeland, kin

Pakistanis in Columbia and across the U.S. mourned Benazir Bhutto and worried that her assassination could destabilize their homeland and threaten the safety of family members living there.

Bhutto's assassination rocks U.S. efforts in Pakistan

The assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has dealt a severe blow to U.S. efforts to restore stability and democracy in a turbulent, nuclear-armed Islamic nation that has been a critical ally in the war on terror.

A Pakistan primer: What you need to know about the nation Bhutto called home

Pakistan is a nation with a complex history and an uneasy relationship with the world community. Here's some of what you might need to know to understand the circumstances surrounding the attack Thursday on a Benazir Bhutto campaign rally.

Where to read more about Benazir Bhutto's assassination

Click here for a list of links to other news stories and blogs about the killing of Pakistan's opposition leader.

Presidential election primaries

The first few presidential primary elections or caucuses of 2008 could determine who receives the presidential nomination from each party. Here’s a list of when states are holding their primaries.

Presidential candidates

Important information on the major presidential candidates from both parties.

Man suspected of taking hostages in N.H. demands to speak to Hillary Clinton, authorities say

ROCHESTER, N.H. — A deranged man wearing what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his chest walked into a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office Friday, took several hostages and demanded to speak to the candidate, authorities said

A snapshot of life in Denmark

A muslim woman leaves the community center in the Brabrand area of Århus, Denmark, at the end of a meeting over the closing of Nordårdskolen in the Gellerupparken housing community.

In South Africa, AIDS takes toll on older women

In a country where one in four is unemployed and half the population lives in poverty, many rural households are being held together by older women who rely on their government pensions to get by.

Film quiz answers

We asked: How many titles from the American Film Institute’s original 1998 list of the top 100 American movies can you spot in this article?

Supreme Court set to review legality of lethal injection

This will be the first time since 1879 that the high court has heard a challenge to a method of execution.

Some Democrats panned the general’s testimony

WASHINGTON — Gen. David Petraeus told Congress on Monday he envisions the withdrawal of roughly 30,000 U.S. troops by next summer, beginning with a Marine contingent later this month.

Shooting on a hot day at Finger Lake State Park

It's a nice day at Finger Lake State Park, and Erich Petzall is spending it doing something he enjoys. It might not be your idea of a typical day in the park, but according to Petzall, "There is no better way to spend a perfect day like this than firing guns at a place like this, it's a beautiful place."

Search for next UM president is sharpened

University of Missouri System curators now plan to interview presidential finalists at least twice before making a job offer — a precaution seemingly designed to avoid being spurned by candidates who get cold feet.

Columbia Chinese community reacts to bridge collapse

The bridge collapse in Feng­huang, Hunan province on Tuesday aroused quick responses from the Chinese community in Columbia this week. Some in the community have raised funds; others plan to donate money.

Strong earthquake in Peru kills at least 337

A powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook Peru’s coast near the capital, killing at least 337 people and injuring 827, the Civil Defense said early Thursday.