New groundhog eating habits puzzle biologists

Wildlife biologists this summer were puzzled when reports started coming in about the bark being stripped off trees high above the ground.

In Congo, a youthful system of justice

With government institutions, including the courts, hobbled by decades of corruption and neglect, one of the few bodies still reliably administering justice is a parliament run by, and mostly for, children.

Chinese-made car tires recalled

A nationwide recall of about 255,000 Chinese-made tires was announced by Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon on Thursday.

Teaching the Bible without preaching

There is broad agreement across the social, political and religious spectrum and, most important, the Supreme Court, that the Bible can be taught in public schools and that knowledge of the Bible is vital to students’ understanding of literature and art.

Fire district sued by former employee

A former chief of staff at the Boone County Fire Protection District has sued his former employer, alleging a retaliatory work environment and financial mismanagement.

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together In the Cafeteria?

It’s a proven fact that most students self-segregate based on race. Don’t Believe me? Go look. Black kids sit with Black kids. White kids with White kids. Latinos with Latinos. But why? This is 2007! Shouldn’t we be past this by now? Why can’t we be totally integrated without compulsion?