State Republicans, municipal leaders clash on jurisdictional authority

Republican legislators, including Columbia's Caleb Rowden and Kurt Schaefer, have argued that the state should have the final say on matters of finance. Columbia City Councilman Michael Trapp has said that bills limiting local control block the abilities of municipal governments to govern effectively.

MONA back for another round in the senate

The bill would add sexual orientation and gender to the Missouri Human Rights Statutes, which prohibit discrimination against race, sex, religion and national origin in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Missouri Republicans take second look at tax code changes

Republican lawmakers are working on tax-related bills to add exemptions and change the tax code.

Missouri Senate cancels Monday's session due to winter storm warning

Missouri Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard said the Senate won't convene until 4 p.m. Tuesday because of the weather.

Missouri unions prepare for another right-to-work fight

The Republican majority in the Missouri General Assembly hopes to pass right-to-work legislation this year, sparking another debate in the legislature.

Gov. Jay Nixon's promises on preschool programs fall short

Despite advocating the importance of early childhood education, Nixon cut funds for such programs that had been approved by the state legislature, saying the state doesn't have enough revenue to do what he would like.

Rep. Chuck Basye settles into office at Missouri Capitol

Since being sworn into office on Jan. 7, Rep. Chuck Basye, R-Rocheport, has attended Republican caucus meetings and had lunch with University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe.

5 ways to watch the State of the Union address

When the president speaks some viewers may be applauding or booing, others might be drinking or playing bingo.

ANALYSIS: 'Yes-We-Can' president faces twilight of maybes

Pillars of Obama's second-term agenda seem destined to remain unfulfilled, and talk is turning to life after the Obama White House.

Filing period for Columbia City Council seats now open

Two Columbia City Council member have terms that expire next year. Michael Trapp said he'll seek another term; Barbara Hoppe has not yet decided.

Human Services Commission makes recommendations for grant allocations

The grants would be given to social service agencies such as Meals on Wheels and the Voluntary Action Center


Community policing opportunities vary with officers' shifts

Proposition 1, which calls for a property tax to pay for additional police, is intended to give officers time to engage with the public.

Hallsville forum gives candidates chance to introduce themselves

Boone County candidates for collector and recorder of deeds, along with contenders for state House of Representatives, went to Hallsville to speak to a crowd of about 20 voters. 

Despite lack of support, campaigns for teacher performance amendment continue

Even though its main backer is out of the game, Amendment 3 is still on the Nov. 4 ballot, and opponents want to make sure it doesn't pass.

McCaskill, Nixon contribute to Democratic Party

The political leaders hope to help Democrats gain seats in the Missouri Legislature.

Record number of black candidates seeking office

A political science professor attributes the record number of black candidates on the ballot to the Obama "coattails effect," which encouraged blacks to vote and gave them the confidence to pursue offices they might not have run for in the past.


Back to reality for Dems as House chances fade

Democrats have uphill battle in preventing Republicans from winning more seats in the House of Representatives.

Gay marriage decision reignites GOP debate for presidential hopefuls

Only a vocal minority of the GOP's pragmatic wing vowed to redouble its efforts on the social issue and punish those unwilling to join them.

McCaskill talks about Ferguson, foreign policy during MU visit

Sen. Claire McCaskill discussed racial disparities in Ferguson, the U.S. military's rape culture and U.S. intervention in Syria and Iraq during two talks Friday at MU.

VETO SESSION: Abortion wait time expected to be hot topic

Advocates of bill say that women need 72 hours to make an informed decision about an having an abortion. Opponents respond that 72 hours of waiting only prolongs the woman’s pain.