Heroin overdose antidote bill awaits Gov. Nixon’s signature

If a bill passed by the Missouri General Assembly is signed into law, first responders in Missouri will be able to carry medication that reverses the potentially fatal effects of opioid overdose.

Candidates use Strawberry Festival to get word out on elections

State and local candidates running in the August Primary Election provided one-minute presentations over dinner and dessert at the annual Strawberry Festival on Friday evening.

Blunt: Truman Veterans Hospital highly rated despite national scandal

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., met with Truman Veterans Hospital leadership Thursday morning to discuss the treatment of mental health issues in Columbia and the ongoing nationwide Veterans Affairs scandal.

Boone County GOP committee seeks replacement recorder candidate

The Boone County Republican Central Committee is trying find a replacement recorder of deeds candidate after Wes Upchurch was deemed ineligible to run because he didn't pay his state taxes.

ANALYSIS: Missouri poised to become third state with 72-hour abortion wait period

While anti-abortion groups say the legislation would help women make informed decisions, others point out that the restrictions are simply efforts to block access to abortion.

Activists stage 72-hour 'women's filibuster'

Pamela Merritt of Progress Missouri participated in the filibuster because she wanted to represent the people who couldn't attend.

Nixon and Republicans differ by $4.2 billion on interpretation of tax cut bill

Nixon said the tax cut bill could eliminate Missouri's tax on all income over $9,000, creating a $4.2 billion hole in Missouri's budget.

Activists rally at statehouse against abortion bills

Activists at the Rally for Women's Lives decried legislation they said threatens women's health.

House passes bill preventing religious discrimination in schools

Some Democrats argued the bill is unnecessary because the U.S. Constitution already protects students' religious freedoms.

House passes bill adding regulations on public employee unions

The "paycheck protection" bill would require unions to seek annual permission to spend public employees' union dues for political activities.

Missouri bill would restrict public access to animal-tracking data

The bill, discussed by legislators Tuesday, would prevent the public from accessing information about the farmers and ranchers who raise livestock.

Missouri House endorses bill that would nullify federal gun laws

The House voted to remove a previously contentious part of the bill that would have opened federal agents to criminal prosecution for enforcing gun laws. Even with this change, House Democrats showed fierce opposition.

As filing deadline passes, field of candidates for Missouri House is set

Boone County includes five districts in the Missouri House of Representatives. Candidates in three of those races are running unopposed. 

Missouri Right to Life rally coincides with abortion bills' passage

Missouri would be tied with South Dakota and Utah as the state with the longest waiting period for an abortion.

Missouri lawmakers: Partisanship inhibits compromise on extending abortion waiting period

The House version of legislation that would triple the mandatory waiting period for abortions passed the first-round vote, while its Senate counterpart faltered after Democrats commanded the four-hour floor debate.

Missouri House votes to end economic border war with Kansas

Even though the bill would stop the state governments from offering businesses incentives to switch states, it wouldn’t have any effect on the local governments from continuing to try and undercut each other.

City withholds CVS building permit until plans change

The city will not grant CVS Pharmacy a building permit for its proposed downtown location until it fixes issues with the plan's drive-thru, box culvert extension and a sewer main under the property.

After TIF district defeat, city manager outlines options

The city's three remaining options might not be able to raise $19.75 million to fund sewer and electric works for additional downtown development.

After voting down TIF, Columbia council explores alternative funding

The 5-2 decision eliminated the only proposed solution to address the city's infrastructure problems downtown and could halt development for months. But some council members are ready to propose other approaches.

Missouri legislators discuss multiple bills to ban texting while driving

Bills discussed Tuesday would extend the ban on driving while texting to all drivers.