Plan for new state House and Senate districts affects next election

Boone County representatives see significant boundary changes as the Missouri Appellate Apportionment Commission filed new maps for state representatives and senatorial districts.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Dispatches from the movement

The Occupy movement started Sept. 17 in the financial district of New York City. Since then, camps and protests have spread across the country. Protests are also taking place in countries across the world.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Minneapolis protesters brace for winter demonstrations

Occupy Minneapolis protesters have been challenged by freezing temperatures as they continue to challenge financial and government institutions.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Protesters forced to adapt to police tactics in Denver

The number of Occupy Denver protesters who spend the night in the park has dropped to somewhere between 50 and 70 each night. Most of those protestors are also homeless.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Police don't allow cold weather supplies at Boston protest

A Boston judge required at least 50 Occupy Boston protestors to sign affidavits promising to abide by the court's decision in a restraining order case.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Protestors in Cedar Falls, Iowa, still active, even without a camp

Occupy Cedar Valley no longer protests outside of Cedar Falls City Hall.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: More than 1,000 protesters have joined Cincinnati cause

In Cincinnati, Occupy Cincinnati protesters focus on events that are specific to the city.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Protesters, police in Lincoln maintain cordial relationship

Officers have been respectful and courteous during the Occupy Lincoln protests.

Cyber Monday prompts reminder of tax on out-of-state purchases

Internet shoppers should be aware of the state's tax on goods purchased outside Missouri. It applies to those who spend more than $2,000 on goods.

ANALYSIS: St. Louis businessmen on Missouri ballot

Dave Spence and John Brunner hope to use their successful business backgrounds to garner support in next year's elections. Spence will run for governor and Brunner will run for U.S. Senate.

Obama files to run in Missouri primary

President Barack Obama filed this week to run in the Feb. 7 Missouri primary. Eight Republican candidates have filed for Missouri's primary so far. 

Boone County clerk urges students to participate in elections

Wendy Noren spoke to Mizzou Change Today, a student organization that is preparing for the upcoming election season.

Dave Spence to run for Missouri governor

A St. Louis businessman has put his name into the primary race for the Republican spot in the 2012 gubernatorial election.

Republican Steven Tilley drops out of Missouri lieutenant governor race

Missouri House Speaker Steven Tilley is no longer running in the 2012 lieutenant governor's race. He cited a desire to spend more time with his daughters as a reason for leaving the race.

House committee seeks new tax on cellphones to support 911 call centers

Voters have rejected two previous attempts to implement such a tax. Currently, 911 call centers in Missouri are supported by a tax on landlines, which are becoming less popular.

UPDATE: Agency paid for Gov. Nixon's travel aide

State personnel records show Jeff Gettys, a former Missouri football player, officially began work in Nixon's office last month. A Nixon spokesman says Gettys performs logistical and operational duties for the governor.

St. Louis businessman Dave Spence considers entering gubernatorial race

Dave Spence is waiting to make a decision until Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder announces his intentions about whether to challenge Gov. Jay Nixon.

Special elections occurring for four Missouri House seats

Four Missouri representatives will be replaced because of elections or appointments to other government positions after Tuesday's special elections.

Jason Thornhill decides not to seek re-election to Columbia City Council

Jason Thornhill was elected in 2009. His term expires in April.

Missouri Sen. McCaskill sells private plane

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill sold her private plan to Northeast Montana Stat Air Ambulance Cooperative.