Longest-serving elected official in Boone County announces retirement

Bettie Johnson has served as Boone County's recorder of deeds since 1979. She announced Thursday that she would not run for re-election.

Kansas lawmakers seek to sever state from Affordable Care Act

Lawmakers in the state proposed joining a compact last week to seek independence from the Affordable Care Act.


Boone County legislators discuss education during forum at Harpo's

Most of Boone County's Democratic and Republican state legislators spoke with constituents during a forum at Harpo's.

House committee considers forgivable loans for Bright Flight students

Up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness is designed to keep top students at in-state universities and working in Missouri after graduation.

Legislators propose amendment to protect hunting rights

Two proposed joint resolutions would amend the Missouri constitution in an effort to protect hunters from outside interest groups.

Attorney enters county associate circuit judge election

Finley Gibbs will seek to fill the position held by Judge Larry Bryson for the past 28 years. 

Missouri governor defends use of bonds to build new state hospital

Gov. Jay Nixon outlines his plan to rebuild Fulton State Hospital, answering questions about the legality of using bonds to finance the construction.

Missouri lawmakers back Nixon's proposals on education funding, mental hospital

While Missouri governor’s rallying cries brought Democratic representatives to their feet Tuesday night, Republicans said they pushed school funding in past sessions.

As CVS pushes ahead, Columbia considers its next move

In its Oct. 21 session, the Columbia City Council denied CVS Pharmacy's proposal to rezone the southeast corner of Broadway and Providence Road for a new store. The company has signaled it will develop the land anyway.

Columbia legislators want more details on Boeing incentive program

This week Missouri legislators are debating Gov. Jay Nixon's proposal to offer tax incentives to Boeing in hopes of luring thousands of jobs to the state. Columbia legislators offer their take on the bill.

Ex-AP writer recalls serving as Oswald pallbearer

Retired Associated Press write Mike Cochran recalls being asked to be a pallbearer at Lee Harvey Oswald's funeral.


Reverent memorials mark 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death

Fifty years later, the same army officers who, as teenage cadets, had guarded Kennedy's grave in November 1963, gathered again in Dublin to honor the former president.

Chris Kelly endorses Kip Kendrick in Missouri House race

Kendrick, a Columbia Democrat, said he will start his campaign in the coming weeks. He "gets our community," said Kelly, the 45th District incumbent.

Rep. Chris Kelly will not seek another term in Missouri House

State Rep. Chris Kelly has decided not to seek re-election in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Mid-Missouri programs, services feel impact of government shutdown

The federal government shutdown has left some services in mid-Missouri at a standstill, but others appear relatively safe.

State Rep. Kelly to speak at town hall meeting about legalizing marijuana

Chris Kelly said he is "thinking very seriously" about introducing a legalization and regulation bill to the Missouri House of Representatives in the 2014 legislative session, depending on whether the state's pro-legalization advocates tell him they feel ready to help campaign successfully for the bill if the legislature makes it a ballot issue.

Mid-Missouri congressional delegation skeptical about Syria strike

Reps. Blaine Leutkemeyer and Vicky Hartzler and Sens. Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt haven't made final decisions on whether to support President Barack Obama's proposed military strike on Syria.

Missouri Press Association prepares to fight gun bill

The Missouri Press Association said Thursday that if the General Assembly overrides the governor's veto of The Second Amendment Protection Act next week, it will file an injunction to stop its effects.


Missouri gun bill would thwart law enforcement efforts, attorney general says

The legislation would make it a crime to enforce federal gun control laws. It was vetoed by Gov. Nixon and is expected to be brought up in next week's veto session.

Hall of Famous Missourians' inductees will be open to a vote

After a controversial pick last year, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones announced a new selection process in which Missourians have a louder voice. While Jones will nominate one inductee, the other two will be decided by the people of Missouri.