McCaskill among Congress members identified as top social media users

Advocacy groups have pointed to four members of Congress, including Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who effectively use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr to reach constituents. McCaskill is in the top 10 for the highest number of Twitter followers.

John Brunner likely to announce Missouri Senate bid

John Brunner, a St. Louis area businessman who has been a donor and supporter of other campaigns in the past, is expected to be the third candidate in the Republican primary.

Boone County Republicans begin recommendation process for new commissioner

Anyone who would like to be considered for the recommendation for presiding county commissioner can start applying Friday. However, a spokesman for Gov. Nixon said the governor is under no obligation to appoint a candidate who has been recommended.

New Missouri courthouse dedicated to former Sen. Kit Bond

A federal courthouse in Jefferson City that was opened in August was officially named after former Sen. Kit Bond at a ceremony Tuesday.

City Council interviews three Planning and Zoning Commission candidates

The Columbia City Council interviewed Brent Brown, James Downey and Rusty Strodtman on Monday for a vacancy on the  Planning and Zoning Commission.

Robb's death prompts special commission meeting

County Clerk Wendy Noren is charged with designating a commissioner to preside over commission business.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Ed Robb dies after attending Saturday party

Ed Robb, who was in his first year as Boone County presiding commissioner, was a former Republican state representative.

Redrawing Columbia's wards proves puzzling for representatives, residents

City efforts to redraw ward boundaries to equalize populations become tricky when representation for various factions of the community also are at stake.

Columbia city workers' pension funds have nearly $118 million shortfall

The city pension funds that support police officers, firefighters, utility workers and other Columbia employees are lacking $117.8 million that will be needed to pay out benefits.

UPDATE: Lawmakers struggle to compromise in Missouri special session

Republican representatives believe the Senate version of the job-creation bill strays too far from a summer agreement between the House and Senate. The special session could end with no resolution being reached.

Lawmakers struggle to compromise in Missouri special session

The special legislative session in the Missouri House of Representatives focused on job creation is facing severe opposition and could possibly be ended if no consensus is reached.

Missouri lawmakers back changes to river management

The proposed changes would require the Army Corps of Engineers to adjust upstream water levels in reservoirs on the Missouri River to prevent downstream flooding.

Russ Carnahan chosen to attend United Nations General Assembly meeting

President Barack Obama chose the Missouri congressman, along with a congresswoman from New York, to be representatives for the U.S. at the meeting.

GOP defends costly Bush-era prescription program

Republican presidential hopefuls defended a health care program passed in 2003 despite unfunded future costs of more than $7 trillion.

Missouri Senate passes overhaul of state tax credits

The legislation would create new tax breaks for some businesses while cutting back or eliminating other credits for low-income housing, historic building renovation and for other programs.

Missouri Senate passes revision to teacher-student Facebook law

The revision would require local school boards to develop policies on how employees and students communicate. The legislation has now been sent to the House.

Labor groups present proposals to City Council about wages, bargaining

Groups representing workers for the Water and Light, Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments and Columbia police officers have been negotiating with city officials since May.

Missouri Senate scraps plan to discuss business incentives

The postponement of the debate allows senators to review a state department analysis of the costs and benefits of the "China hub" at the Lambert International Airport.

Senator stalls work as Missouri special session starts

During the special session, senators are discussing creating a tax break incentive for international cargo shippers at the St. Louis airport, among others. Eliminating tax breaks for low-income disabled and elderly residents would help fund the new tax breaks.

Missouri lawmakers have full agenda for special session

The Missouri Senate began a special session Tuesday to debate topics such as the state's presidential primary and an overhaul of the state's business incentives.