GOP defends costly Bush-era prescription program

Republican presidential hopefuls defended a health care program passed in 2003 despite unfunded future costs of more than $7 trillion.

Missouri Senate passes overhaul of state tax credits

The legislation would create new tax breaks for some businesses while cutting back or eliminating other credits for low-income housing, historic building renovation and for other programs.

Missouri Senate passes revision to teacher-student Facebook law

The revision would require local school boards to develop policies on how employees and students communicate. The legislation has now been sent to the House.

Labor groups present proposals to City Council about wages, bargaining

Groups representing workers for the Water and Light, Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments and Columbia police officers have been negotiating with city officials since May.

Missouri Senate scraps plan to discuss business incentives

The postponement of the debate allows senators to review a state department analysis of the costs and benefits of the "China hub" at the Lambert International Airport.

Senator stalls work as Missouri special session starts

During the special session, senators are discussing creating a tax break incentive for international cargo shippers at the St. Louis airport, among others. Eliminating tax breaks for low-income disabled and elderly residents would help fund the new tax breaks.

Missouri lawmakers have full agenda for special session

The Missouri Senate began a special session Tuesday to debate topics such as the state's presidential primary and an overhaul of the state's business incentives.

Legislators call for termination of SynCare's contract with state

A number of concerns have arisen over the ability of SynCare to fulfill its duties of providing support and assessment of health care plans. A provision in their contract with the state fines them $5,000 for every month they do not do so.

Missouri lawmakers seek answers in Medicaid contract flap with Indiana company

The House Interim Committee on Budget Transparency is expected to summon officials from the state Department of Health and Senior Services to a noon meeting Wednesday.

Missouri Gov. Nixon may back tax relief for Joplin businesses

Gov. Jay Nixon said Wednesday there is "a solid shot" of including the tax break on the agenda for the legislative session that begins next Tuesday.

New, modified laws to be enacted Sunday

The laws, which go into effect at midnight on Sunday, come from both the Missouri Senate and House.

As Libya reaches 'tipping point,' Gadhafi's whereabouts unknown

Although U.S. officials don't know the whereabouts of Moammar Gadhafi, President Obama said Gadhafi no longer has power in Libya.

Gov. Nixon calls special session of General Assembly

Gov. Jay Nixon called for a special session of the Missouri General Assembly on Sept. 6 to discuss job creation priorities and recovery efforts for natural disasters.

Voter forum on photo ID requirement set

Missouri's November 2012 ballot will include a proposed amendment that would require voters to show a government-issued photo ID. A public forum Sept. 14 will address this issue.

Obama's plan: New jobs proposals, challenging GOP

President Barack Obama plans to announce a broad package of tax cuts, construction work and help for the millions of Americans who have been unemployed for months.

Former Columbia pastor pushes for ballot initiative to limit payday-loan rates

The proposed Missouri ballot initiative would limit interest rates on payday, car-title and other short-term loans to 36 percent.

Ron Paul makes headway in GOP presidential nomination race

The Texas congressman believes in a very limited role for government. He finished second in this weekend's Iowa straw poll.

Tim Pawlenty exits GOP presidential nomination race

Some Republicans feared Pawlenty would not bring the fight to President Barack Obama if he were elected the GOP presidential nominee.

2012 GOP race jolted with Iowa straw poll, Perry's entry

A slew of Republicans are seeking the chance to challenge President Barack Obama in fall 2012. Texas Gov. Rick Perry formally entered the race Saturday, as Iowa straw poll voters picked Michele Bachmann as their top choice.

Obama headed to Midwest to talk jobs

President Barack Obama's bus tour begins Monday and will take him to prairie communities in Minnesota and through Iowa and Illinois.