Missouri Gov. Nixon makes staff changes

Gov. Jay Nixon hired former Missouri State University president Mike Nietzel as a policy adviser. He also made changes in his communications office.

Missouri Gov. Nixon to add election bill to special session

Gov. Jay Nixon will order the Missouri General Assembly back to Jefferson City, and he will ask lawmakers to pass an election bill to move next year's presidential primaries.

Nixon doubles cash available over Kinder in 2012 statewide elections

Five of Missouri's six statewide offices are up for election in 2012, including those of state treasurer and lieutenant governor.

State Auditor Tom Schweich acknowledges campaign finance error

Schweich said his campaign failed to report contributions greater than $500 because of an error by a company hired to handle his campaign finances.

Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93

The former first lady was known for her candor, support for causes more liberal than her husband's and her dedication to helping those with addictions.

Nixon vetoes elections bill encompassing vacancies, presidential primaries

Gov. Jay Nixon cited requirements for special elections in the event of statewide office vacancies and changes to local election regulations among reasons for the veto.

Lawsuit challenges proposed voter ID amendment

Earlier this year, the legislature passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow for a photo ID mandate in Missouri. The lawsuit filed Wednesday pushes for the measure to be blocked from the 2012 ballot.

UPDATE: Nixon vetoes bill delaying sprinkler mandate

The bill would have pushed back the deadline for elderly and disabled facilities to comply with sprinkler system mandates from 2012 to 2014. Nixon said the original five-year deadline is enough time.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Kinder repays additional hotel money

The state auditor's office said inadequate records made it impossible to distinguish among official, political or personal purposes.

Cunningham opts against U.S. house race, staying in state senate

Sen. Jane Cunningham feels she can have a greater influence in the state Senate.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder pays back more expenses after state audit

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder was forced to pay an additional $1,889 for in-state hotel expenses. He previously had to repay the state $52,300.

Nixon vetoes bill delaying sprinkler mandate

The bill would have given group homes an extra two years to install fire sprinkler systems.

Columbia gamers see validation in Supreme Court ruling

Gamers say violent or not, video games are an art form, so they're happy the Supreme Court gave games a little love in a ruling early this week.

City Council to vote on additional member to Reapportionment Committee

A Monday vote will decide if another member will be added following questions of lack of minority representation. Mayor Bob McDavid said the resolution would only apply to the current committee.

Missouri Treasurer Clint Zweifel launches re-election bid

Zweifel is running for a second term. He was first elected in 2008.

Columbia city manager appoints Greg Slinkard as new internal auditor

Greg Slinkard, who will retire from his position as audit manager with the Missouri auditor's office July 1, begins his job as internal auditor for Columbia on July 11.

House Republicans reject own debt limit proposal without spending cuts

With the rejection of the national debt limit increase, political maneuvering, which has become more common in recent years, might be practiced on legislation to raise the debt limit to seek authority to borrow additional trillions of dollars.

City Manager Mike Matthes releases State of the City address

City Manager Mike Matthes addresses the recession and his focus for the upcoming year in his State of the City address.

Belcher's volunteer army attacks achievement gap in Columbia Public Schools and beyond

Fighting the achievement gap is more than just a school issue — it's a community issue. Volunteers from the community are taking up arms against the problems at the core.

Steelman criticizes Akin to kickoff GOP Senate primary

Only a day after he announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate, Todd Akin is getting criticized for his vote on the debt limit. Sarah Steelman, former Missouri Treasurer, said he has become part of the Washington establishment.