Columbia city manager appoints Greg Slinkard as new internal auditor

Greg Slinkard, who will retire from his position as audit manager with the Missouri auditor's office July 1, begins his job as internal auditor for Columbia on July 11.

House Republicans reject own debt limit proposal without spending cuts

With the rejection of the national debt limit increase, political maneuvering, which has become more common in recent years, might be practiced on legislation to raise the debt limit to seek authority to borrow additional trillions of dollars.

City Manager Mike Matthes releases State of the City address

City Manager Mike Matthes addresses the recession and his focus for the upcoming year in his State of the City address.

Belcher's volunteer army attacks achievement gap in Columbia Public Schools and beyond

Fighting the achievement gap is more than just a school issue — it's a community issue. Volunteers from the community are taking up arms against the problems at the core.

Steelman criticizes Akin to kickoff GOP Senate primary

Only a day after he announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate, Todd Akin is getting criticized for his vote on the debt limit. Sarah Steelman, former Missouri Treasurer, said he has become part of the Washington establishment.

Missouri bill broadens ban on teacher-student sex

Missouri law already makes it a felony for teachers, student teachers, school employees and volunteers for school programs to have sexual contact with a student while on school property or school buses. The bill now makes such activity illegal off school property.

Rep. Akin announces he will run for McCaskill's Senate seat

So far, Akin and Sarah Steelman, former state treasurer, have announced their candidacies for the office.

City Council rejects East Campus upzoning request

The Columbia City Council voted to reject a request that would have allowed two East Campus houses to house four unrelated residents instead of three.

Grass Roots Organizing heads to Ohio for JPMorgan Chase protest

Members of Grass Roots Organizing, including Columbia residents, are traveling to the JPMorgan Chase shareholders meeting to protest the federal government's support of the banking industry.

ANALYSIS: Nixon waited, mediated on Missouri legislation this session

Gov. Jay Nixon often waited to jump into contentious issues during the 2011 legislative session. But, while this approach may have been frustrating to some lawmakers, he seemed capable of uniting diverse interests.

Sen. Claire McCaskill urges end to oil company tax breaks

The Missouri Democrat co-sponsored a measure that would cut off subsidies such as a deduction originally intended to boost manufacturing. It would close a loophole that allows oil companies to shield themselves from taxes by deducting royalties paid to foreign governments.

Missouri lawmakers plan to study pay of state workers

Legislators approved a resolution creating a 10-member joint House and Senate committee to examine the salaries of state employees. The panel will compare Missouri's wages to those of other states.

Organ donation tax check off passes in Missouri Senate

The legislation would let individuals donate $2 or more to the Organ Donor Program Fund through a check-off box on their state income tax forms.

Missouri Senate approves March presidential primary

The legislation would keep Missouri in compliance with rules set by the national Democratic and Republican parties.

Efforts to curtail private-sector unions faltering in Missouri

A portion of Republicans and most Democrats are against the right-to-work legislature that some Republicans are trying to push through the Missouri Legislature before the session ends May 13.

Martin drops Missouri Senate bid to run for Congress

Martin's change in plans comes after new congressional district boundaries were enacted in response to the 2010 census.

Missouri House votes to move presidential primary

The primary would move from February to March. The legislation also requires presidential candidates to produce copies of their birth certificates.

Democrats, Republicans combine to override Nixon's redistricting veto

Plans to redistrict the state to include one less district continue to be debated by congressmen. Missouri House leaders overrode Nixon's veto of a recent proposal.

Missouri Senate ends filibuster, passes stimulus money

The vote Thursday morning came after senators agreed to trim $14 million from a bill reauthorizing the expenditure of about $450 million in federal stimulus money.

Budget stalemate between Missouri House and Senate continues

The Missouri House and Senate cannot agree on how higher education funding, school district transportation and a senior prescription drug program fit into the state budget.