ANALYSIS: Missouri GOP lawmakers positioning for veto

The common characteristic of the four topics is that they carry some controversy — and thus are potential veto targets for Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. And Republican legislative leaders want to put themselves in the best possible position in case they wish to attempt a veto override.

Michael W. Bradley sworn in as new associate circuit judge

After their usual Saturday morning routine at Lakota Coffee, the new judge and his wife went to the courthouse for the swearing-in ceremony.

Gov. Nixon appoints new associate circuit judge for Boone County

This position becomes available upon the appointment of Christine Carpenter as circuit judge.

Nixon reports raising $1.7 million for re-election

Gov. Jay Nixon's re-election campaign says fundraising shows strong early support.

Washington University seeks to host 2012 debate

The St. Louis university is one of 12  finalists in the running to host a presidential or vice presidential debate in 2012.

Missouri Senate bill tackles issues in health care transparency

The Missouri Senate is considering a bill that would force insurance companies to create websites telling people what their out-of-pocket expenses would be for various medical procedures with different health care providers. The bill will receive a third hearing, and a vote will move it to the House.

Missouri legislators pass workplace discrimination bill

The bill would require fired employees filing discrimination suits to prove the discrimination was the motivating factor in their dismissal. It would also limit the amount of punitive damages they can receive.

Most people won't notice these big budget cuts

The trimming makes up a small portion of the overall budget and mostly won't affect the services people expect from government.

Missouri press opposes bill to make crime scene photos closed records

The Missouri Press Association says a bill that would severely limit records to crime scene images is detrimental to a free press and an open government.

Missouri Senate pledges additional $20 million to higher education

The proposed money would help decrease student costs such as course fees for students across the state, but would not affect the planned tuition increases.

UPDATE: Missouri's Democratic attorney general fights health care mandate

Chris Koster broke with his party to file an amicus brief that says the new law requiring most Americans to obtain health insurance is unconstitutional.

Senate committee passes House redistricting plan

The redistricting plan was passed by a 4-3 vote and now awaits a vote on the Senate floor. There, the House's plan will be put up against the Senate's plan.

Nixon to tout report by economic growth panel

The report by a commission of business leaders from around the state has recommendations on how Missouri can boost its economy.

Missouri bill would close graphic crime images

To view the images, a person would have to get written permission from the victim's family or a court order.

Columbia officials weigh in on campaign endorsements

The president of the Columbia Professional Firefighters said the union has no plans to stay on the sidelines in future municipal elections. Organizations' endorsements were a lightning rod in this year's City Council election.

'Historic' deal to avoid first government shutdown in 15 years

President Barack Obama and congressional leaders reached an historic agreement just before the deadline late Friday night to cut about $38 billion in federal spending and avert the first federal closure in 15 years.

Shutdown in sight with time running out on Congress

A temporary federal spending measure expires at midnight Friday. A government shutdown would furlough workers considered nonessential, while essential workers would stay on the job.

GOP seeks 1-week extension as government shutdown looms

Republicans are seeking a one-week extension of the funding bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the main issues holding up the bill are reproductive rights and clean air.

Missouri Senate bill would create online healthcare estimates

Online price estimates could allow people to see their out-of-pocket costs for various medical procedures and tests under the proposed legislation.

Missouri lawmakers call for stiffer anti-bullying rules

Some House representatives want school districts to create policies against cyberbullying and to strengthen on-campus anti-bullying rules.