House votes unanimously for Nixon's complete travel transparency

The House approved a bill which had an amendment attached that will require transparency of the governor's travel expenses.

UPDATE: Missouri legislature endorses limits on hog farm suits

Supporters of the bill fear costly nuisance lawsuits filed against large-scale animal farms by their neighbors could push agriculture out of the state.

Missouri charter schools could expand under proposed bill

The Missouri House will discuss a bill that would allow charter schools in districts outside Kansas City and St. Louis City. Supporters believe it will give parents more options for their children's education.

Minimum wage bill could affect future wage increases

At $7.25, Missouri's minimum wage is at the same amount as the federal standard. Lawmakers are deciding whether to keep them the same in the future.

Missouri lawmaker wants candidates to prove citizenship

The measure would require political parties to submit proof of citizenship for presidential and vice presidential nominees.

Redistricting presents challenge for Missouri lawmakers

Because of the results of the 2010 census, Missouri is losing a congressional seat. Missouri lawmakers must reapportion the state into eight districts.

House to debate English-only driver's tests

The Missouri House will review a bill that would require driver's tests to be taken in English.

House committee to consider Nixon's higher education budget

The chairman of the House Education Appropriations Committee said the budget — which reduces funding by 7 percent — should pass the committee unchanged. 

States' measure to repeal federal laws divides Missouri House

The proposal to allow states to repeal federal laws met with different opinions in the House.

Proposed bills would ban smoking on Missouri prison grounds

Bills filed in both the House and Senate would prohibit smoking or the use of tobacco products anywhere on the grounds of state correctional facilities.

Missouri legislator wants stronger protection for voter-backed laws

A Missouri House member's proposal states that for two years after voters approve a measure, the legislature would need a two-thirds majority vote to change it.

Budget cuts proposed for statewide elected officials

The bill to cut state offices' budgets received approval by the House Appropriations Committee on General Administration. It will face further approval before it can be voted on in the House.

House Committee approves bill to tighten abortion laws

A bill that will redefine fetus viability passed through its committee.

Right to Work makes headway in Missouri's statehouse

Senators who support "right to work," a measure that prohibits employers from forcing employees to pay union fees, say other states have shown that such measures help employment rates.

UPDATE: State bill would allow vouchers for Missouri's private schools

Parents could gain greater control over their children's education if bills proposing a voucher program or a reformatting option are approved by Missouri lawmakers.

Missouri House committee approves photo ID requirement, early voting

The Missouri Supreme Court declared a 2006 state law requiring voters to show a government-issued photo identification unconstitutional, saying it infringed on the fundamental right to vote.

Missouri bill seeks nonpartisan judicial elections

The bill would make a switch to nonpartisan elections for circuit judges and associate circuit judges beginning in 2012, but it would create an exception for incumbents.

UPDATE: Egypt celebrates Mubarak's resignation

Egypt burst into celebration Friday as President Hosni Mubarak resigned.

Mubarak exit sets off celebrations across Mideast

Egypt's ousted leader handed control to the military on Friday after more than two weeks of tumultuous pro-democracy demonstrations.

UPDATE: Missouri chief justice urges new methods to fight crime

Lawmakers to consider alternative sentencing as well as the benefits of current procedures to choose appeals court and urban trial court judges.