Texas Gov. Rick Perry backs Missouri income tax cut

The former presidential candidate is set to visit Missouri on Aug. 29.

Conservative conference draws lawmakers, picketers

Attendees at the American Legislative Exchange Council were countered Thursday by a roughly equal number of protesters upset by the close ties between big businesses and lawmakers.

State legislators find success naming bills after children

The trend of naming bills for children appears to have gained steam this year in the Missouri Legislature. Bryce, Cade, Chloe, Sahara and Jonathan are among the chosen names.

Sen. McCaskill endorses group urging Hillary Clinton to seek presidency

The Missouri Democrat's support of the Ready for Hillary PAC on Tuesday marked the first time a member of Congress has endorsed the group.

Gov. Jay Nixon receives thousands of messages about guns

The governor has until mid-July to sign, veto or allow gun legislation to take effect without his signature. People from across the country are voicing their opinions on how he should proceed.

New commission selected to govern mental health tax

The Boone County Children's Commission will have nine members who will serve staggered terms. The tax is expected to generate an estimated $5.4 million per year.

Automatic federal budget cuts bring unintended consequences

The automatic spending cuts that took effect Friday might be another example of how government action, or inaction, historically has unexpected results.

ANALYSIS: From Obama and GOP, no urgency to stop spending cuts

President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans continue to disagree, making compromise unlikely as the March 1 spending cuts draw near.

Governors say looming federal budget cuts threaten economic gains

Democrat and Republican governors expressed frustration about the impending sequester and its impact on the economy at an annual governors' meeting Saturday.

States' choices on Obama's health overhaul set up national experiment

The Affordable Care Act is unfolding as an experiment to decide whether the states or the federal government will do a better job getting uninsured people covered. 

UPDATE: Missouri Democrats in flux for vacant U.S. House seat

State Rep. Linda Black, of Bonne Terre, announced Thursday that she would not seek the Democratic nomination to succeed Republican Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson.

Obama tells Congress: Nation stronger, GOP should back his plans

In specific proposals for his second term, President Barack Obama called for increased federal spending to fix the nation's roads and bridges, the first increase in the minimum wage in six years and expansion of early education to every American 4-year-old.

In State of the Union, Obama expected to stress jobs, gun control

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings and with the economy still struggling to make a comeback, the president will address proposals to increase gun control and boost job numbers.

WATCH LIVE VIDEO: Obama delivers State of the Union address

President Barack Obama is delivering the State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday evening in Washington. YouTube is streaming live video of the president's speech from the White House website.

After speech, supporters to promote Obama agenda

The White House will focus on using social media to engage the public on the proposals Obama will outline during the prime-time address Tuesday.

Missouri universities, colleges $388 million shy of target funding, report states

The General Assembly's Joint Committee on Education on Monday revealed a new model for funding public colleges and universities.

Once GOP stronghold, West veers into Dems' column

Several factors, including an expanding immigrant population and a growing number of people moving from more liberal states, have caused western states like Nevada, New Mexico and Washington to lean Democratic.

Obama presses liberal agenda as he starts second term

President Barack Obama, emboldened by his victory in November and free from the burden of having to run for re-election, hopes to push progressive legislation through a divided Congress in his second term.

Missouri leader removes fellow Democrat from committees

Rep. Jake Hummel said he replaced Rep. Penny Hubbard on four committees with other Democrats because of her actions Wednesday and additional past issues that have included her office space and other votes.

Nixon sets June special election to choose Rep. Emerson's successor

Republican and Democratic party committees are to nominate candidates for the special election.