After speech, supporters to promote Obama agenda

The White House will focus on using social media to engage the public on the proposals Obama will outline during the prime-time address Tuesday.

Missouri universities, colleges $388 million shy of target funding, report states

The General Assembly's Joint Committee on Education on Monday revealed a new model for funding public colleges and universities.

Once GOP stronghold, West veers into Dems' column

Several factors, including an expanding immigrant population and a growing number of people moving from more liberal states, have caused western states like Nevada, New Mexico and Washington to lean Democratic.

Obama presses liberal agenda as he starts second term

President Barack Obama, emboldened by his victory in November and free from the burden of having to run for re-election, hopes to push progressive legislation through a divided Congress in his second term.

Missouri leader removes fellow Democrat from committees

Rep. Jake Hummel said he replaced Rep. Penny Hubbard on four committees with other Democrats because of her actions Wednesday and additional past issues that have included her office space and other votes.

Nixon sets June special election to choose Rep. Emerson's successor

Republican and Democratic party committees are to nominate candidates for the special election.

UPDATE: Republicans mark 10 years of power in Missouri House

About 130 current and former Republicans lawmakers and staff gathered at the Capitol for a nearly two-hour ceremony celebrating their majority.

Columbia man enthusiastic to attend Obama's second inauguration

Arthur Nunn left Columbia on Friday morning to attend President Barack Obama's second inauguration Monday in Washington, D.C.

Obama eyes a legacy: 'You can make it if you try'

Barack Obama's second-term agenda includes immigration, a simpler tax system and a bigger emphasis on education and energy.

QUIZ: Match the president to his Inauguration Day quote

In honor of Inauguration Day, we've compiled a list of memorable quotes from past inauguration speeches. Can you guess which presidents said the following quotes?

Before second term begins, Obama cites commitment to service

Officials estimated that as many as 800,000 people will attend Monday's public ceremonies. That's more than live in Washington, D.C., if far fewer than the 1.8 million who were at Barack Obama's first inauguration in 2009.

What you should know about Barack Obama's second inauguration

President Barack Obama has chosen to use two Bibles during his swearing-in — one owned by Martin Luther King Jr. and the other by Abraham Lincoln.

Four years in, Obama shifts strategy, outlook

As Barack Obama enters his second term as president, he is sounding more confident, vowing a harder line on negotiations, relying more on trusted allies, promising less and expressing more cynicism about the grip of partisanship on Washington.

Obama demands quick action to raise debt limit

Lawmakers face three distinct deadlines before April 1. The debt limit must be raised to prevent a default, a series of across-the-board spending cuts is to kick in on March 1, and funding for most government programs will run out on March 27.

Questions surround process for replacing lieutenant governor

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is seeking the Republican nomination to replace U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, who is resigning from Congress.

Local representatives assigned to committees

Two Boone County representatives will serve on the House Higher Education Committee this session, while the county's lone senator will retain his spot as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

UPDATE: GOP-led legislature pledges to cut taxes, increase business opportunities

In all, there will be 12 state senators and 56 state House members who last year were not serving in their current legislative chamber.

UPDATE: New Missouri Republican chair plans more aggressive approach

Party chairman Ed Martin said Republicans need to do a better job of defining their opponents in the Democratic Party.

More fiscal clashes loom as new Congress opens

House Speaker John Boehner implored the assembly of newcomers and veterans in the 113th Congress to tackle the nation's heavy burden of debt at long last.

Janet Thompson sworn in as new Boone County commissioner

Janet Thompson was the only new face in the group in a ceremony at the Boone County Government Center. Seven other county officials were sworn in by County Clerk Wendy Noren.