Missouri panel says states should have say on U.S. laws

The measure would allow states to repeal a federal law if 34 states vote against it. The Missouri House Rules Committee has approved the resolution.

Missouri lawmakers to consider federal budget amendment

The proposal would amend the U.S Constitution to add a balanced budget amendment.

Russ Carnahan campaign possibly target of fraud

Forty-two bogus checks defrauded the campaign out of $28,023, according to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report.

Journalists attacked, detained in Egypt

The Committee to Protect Journalists accused the Egyptian government of orchestrating attacks on reporters to deprive the world of independent information about the unrest. CNN's Anderson Cooper and correspondents from Belgium, Russia and Israel were among those roughed up or detained.

Despite snow, at least two state House panels to meet

The House Financial Institutions Committee and House Agri-Business Committee both were scheduled to meet and vote on legislation Wednesday.

McCaskill begins U.S. Senate race with cash lead

Finance reports show Claire McCaskill has more than $900,000 in her campaign account. Challengers Sarah Steelman and Ed Martin have $200,000 and $40,000, respectively.

Missouri bill would boost penalties for human trafficking

A Missouri representative wants harsher penalties for those convicted of human trafficking at the state level. The proposed measure would bring the state penalties up to the same level as federal statutes.


State of the Union address draws praise, criticism from Columbians

A local Democratic group held a State of the Union watch party downtown Tuesday night.

Missouri Representative proposes bill to swap state income tax for sales tax

Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, has proposed a bill to lower the income tax, abolish the corporate tax and raise Missouri's sales tax in order to collect revenue for the state.

Missouri senators debate bill requiring photo ID to vote

On Monday, state senators debated requiring Missouri voters to present a photo ID at polling places. In 2006, the Missouri Supreme Court declared a similar law unconstitutional on the grounds that it hinders an individual's ability to vote. 

Jackson lawmaker says her Facebook account was hacked

Donna Lichtenegger's account displayed an embarrassing status update saying she loved lobbyists.

U.S. House votes to repeal health care law

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said the legislation will not see the light of day there, but the GOP leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said bluntly, "I assure you we will" have a vote on it.

Gov. Nixon's State of the State speech

The text from the governor's address Wednesday.

Missouri finances up, but spending cuts remain

Nixon's budget director Linda Luebbering said Missouri revenues are still forecast to fall short of the original budget.

Missouri House rejects ban on smoking in Capitol offices

Lawmakers voted Thursday to prohibit smoking in a gallery reserved for members in the back of the chamber, but rejected a ban on smoking in their own offices.

Missouri House committees to consider two priority bills

House committees are looking at a bill that would require drug-testing for people who receive cash welfare payments and a bill that offers tax deductions for small businesses that create full-time jobs.

Missouri Senate committee chairmen selected

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer has selected leaders for the chamber's 18 committees.

Tom Schweich takes office as Missouri auditor

As auditor, Schweich pledged Monday to look for ways to make government function better at a lower cost.

Schweich being sworn into office as Missouri auditor

He is the only state official being sworn into office Monday.

Group seeks to swap state income tax for sales tax

Backers filed nine versions of a proposed constitutional amendment that would phase out income taxes while levying a state sales tax on more purchases.