Robb edges Christianson for Boone County presiding commissioner

Republican Ed Robb campaigned on a platform of reducing the salaries of Boone County's elected officials.

Missouri voters approve earnings tax measure

Proposition A requires voters in the state's two large cities to approve existing earnings taxes every five years. The measure has statewide ramifications by also barring other Missouri cities from imposing their own earnings tax.

A two-person, two-party town

With incoming House Speaker Rep. John Boehner and President Barack Obama there is a greater need for the two parties to work together.

Cape Girardeau voters approve measure allowing gambling

The measure reportedly passed with 61 percent of the vote. However, the vote does not ensure that a casino will be built in the city.

Incumbent Democrat loses in state auditor race

Republican Tom Schweich wins the state auditor race over Susan Montee.

Republicans' gains extend to Missouri offices, too

Republicans were poised to increase their majority in the General Assembly by at least 19 seats.

Luetkemeyer wins 9th District Congressional election seat

Blaine Luetkemeyer's campaign stressed the need to create jobs and balance the federal budget.

Voters approve park sales tax

Mayor Bob McDavid and his predecessor, Darwin Hindman, praised voters for passing an extension of the one-eighth-cent sales tax that pays for improvements to the city's parks.

GOP captures governorships in at least 7 states

There were a few bright spots for Democrats in the face of an anti-incumbent groundswell sweeping the nation, including key gubernatorial victories in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.

SLIDESHOW: Election Day in Boone County

Voters began turning out early Tuesday morning in Columbia and around Boone County. Polls opened at 6 a.m. and remained open until 7 p.m.

Republicans take control of U.S. House

Republicans have seized control of the House for the first time since 2006, riding a wave of voter discontent and economic woes to directly challenge President Barack Obama's agenda.

Democrats keep U.S. Senate majority; GOP gains 5 seats

Democrats lost Senate seats in at least five states Tuesday, but were guaranteed to keep the majority thanks to wins in California and West Virginia. Republicans scored big wins, taking Senate seats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arkansas, North Dakota and Indiana.

Missouri elections could impact national legislative power balance

Data on how the Missouri elections stack up in the race for control of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

23rd District House candidates have strong ties to Columbia

Stephen Webber, the incumbent 23rd District representative, said he wants to continue the work he started in his first term. Challenger Paul Szopa said unemployment is the district's most important issue.

Measure would require elected assessors

No immediate impact is expected from Amendment 1. 

Amendment 3 would prohibit real estate transfer taxes

Though Missouri does not currently impose transfer taxes, Amendment 3 would prohibit any future taxes on real estate transactions from being implemented.

Proposition A would prohibit new earnings taxes

St. Louis and Kansas City currently levy 1 percent taxes on income and business revenues and, if passed, the proposition would subject those taxes to a vote in 2011 and every five years thereafter.

City seeks extension of parks sales tax

Mid-size and neighborhood park improvements is on the list of projects promised to be completed if city voters approve Proposition 1.

Former President Clinton raising money for Skelton

From President Bill Clinton is scheduled to be a special guest at Rep. Ike Skelton's fundraising dinner in New York.

9th Congressional District candidates share views on major issues

Republican incumbent Blaine Luetkemeyer, Libertarian Christopher Dwyer and write-in Democrat Jeff Reed are running for positions in the U.S. House of Representatives.