Health overhaul remains on Missouri voters' minds

Though Sen. McCaskill addressed other issues as she spoke at a series of town hall meetings, health care remains as an important issue among her constituents.

UPDATE: Missouri House representative accused of threatening rival's aide

Missouri House member Brian Nieves has been accused of threatening an aide to a Republican opponent in last week's state Senate primary.

Sen. McCaskill touting border security measures

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is touting a $600 million plan to increase security along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Ninth Congressional District draws no Democratic challenger; future uncertain

Experts are still uncertain as to whether or not Missouri will lose a congressional district next year, but local voters are sure to have fewer choices on their ballots this fall.

States respond in health care overhaul lawsuit

Twenty states and the nation's most influential small business lobby said Friday a federal court in Florida must hear their challenge to President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

In Kansas City, GOP is cautiously confident of big gains this fall

The head of the Republican Party urged members to step up their efforts for the fall elections amid cautious confidence about the GOP's success.

GOP approves new 2012 primary calendar

The Republican National Committee has approved a 2012 presidential primary calendar in which caucuses and primaries begin after Feb. 1.

Missouri Prop C vote puts health care back in crosshairs

While the vote might not set a legally binding precedent, it will help mobilize foes of President Barack Obama's agenda in the fall midterm eletions.

Presiding commissioner job requires teamwork, willingness to listen

As presiding commissioner for Boone County, it is essential to work well with the other commissioners and keep the interests of the entire county in mind when making decisions.

Missouri Senate race might narrow to Blunt, Carnahan

Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Robin Carnahan have been campaigning against each other for almost a year and a half in Missouri's U.S. Senate race, and Tuesday they might become their parties' official nominees.

County development, budget among voter concerns for commissioner

Voters will consider Boone County's population growth, money and roads when they visit the polls Aug. 3.

Missouri ballot measure tests federal health care law

More than 1 million people are expected to participate in what amounts to the largest-ever public opinion poll on the nation's new health care law.

10 seek to run as independents on Missouri ballot

The hopefuls include U.S. Senate candidate Doug Enyart, a forestry consultant from Piedmont who says he is running to stop out-of-control spending in Washington.


Increased funds for 911 services kept on hold in Missouri Senate

Missouri's 911 service directors are stretched thin with smaller budgets and bigger workloads. Legislation that would increase funds failed in the Senate last year, but the directors are determined to try again.

21st District primary candidates offer contrasting solutions to budget woes

The three candidates' plans include cutting spending and raising taxes.


Sen. McCaskill examines report of discrepancies at Arlington National Cemetery

Sen. Claire McCaskill held a news conference Monday afternoon outside the Boone County Courthouse and discussed an investigation into mismanagement at Arlington National Cemetery.

Federal experience a mixed blessing for candidates

It's a tough sell for a political candidate facing a skeptical electorate: "I'm here from Washington, and I'd like your vote." Yet candidates for state offices across the country — including one in Missouri — are trying to make it work.

Wrongly convicted man leads rally over $16M award

Missouri governor meets with military in Afghanistan

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has been meeting with military forces in Afghanistan.

BP's leaky oil well to stay corked during storm

The oil well cap will stay closed despite evacuations from the Deepwater Horizon site during a tropical storm.