State tourism division won't fund Tour of Missouri

The state division of tourism has no plans to spend money on the Tour of Missouri bicycle event next year, even though the Missouri legislature budgeted $1 million to help fund the event. The bike race could continue if private funds are raised.

Missouri Senate passes K2 ban treating substance same as marijuana

The Senate made possession of 35 grams and more of K2 a felony. The revised bill now needs House approval.

Missouri budget director, budget chair dispute meaning of April revenue numbers

April reveune numbers have legistalors wondering if Missouri's economy is recovering or declining.

Candidate for Boone County Presiding Commissioner disqualified

Bondi Wood, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Boone County Presiding Commissioner, has been disqualified from the race for failing to file a personal financial disclosure statement by the deadline.

Supremacist says he is legitimate Senate candidate

F. Glenn Miller purchased radio ads in March that contained racist messages and criticized Jews, immigrants and minorities.

Missouri House candidates disqualified from primary

Sixteen candidates for the Missouri House of Representatives were disqualifed from the primaries for missing a key deadline.

St. Louis wants to host 2012 Democratic Convention

St. Louis announces plans to host the next Democratic National Convention. The last time the city hosted a national convention was in 1916.

Obama: Same-sex partners should have hospital access

Hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid payments must let patients choose which persons, including gay and lesbian partners, can visit them and help make critical health decisions, President Barack Obama said Thursday.

Missouri governor gets letter from anti-government group

Gov. Jay Nixon received a letter from Guardians of the Free Republics asking him and other executives to leave office.

Power lunch participants discuss Columbia's future

Mayor and city council members talk about how to better serve the city.

Pacifist speech berates Obama

Hedy Epstein, pacifist and Holocaust survivor, gave a lecture at MU Friday night that said President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was undeserved.

War, health care hot topics for Obama discussion

Columbia residents gathered for the second year in a row to assess their feelings about the U.S. presidency.

Obama's goal: Get agenda moving, people believing

In his first State of the Union address Wednesday night, President Barack Obama will focus his speech on the economy while both acknowledging missteps and defending the agenda that won him the presidency. Obama is expected to emphasize strategies for tackling unemployment and reining in the federal deficit.

Embattled former House speaker to leave politics

After being charged with second-degree assault on Tuesday, Rod Jetton has decided to close his political consulting firm.

President to plead U.S. case at global warming summit

Obama is expected to pledge a 17 percent cut in the nation's emissions. The Congressional Budget Office estimates a $173-per-year cost increase for a family of four.

Georgian officials look to model after U.S. democratic system

Georgian officials met with Columbia officials as part of the Open World Program to learn about local government, finance and infrastructure. Georgia has been working toward becoming a democratic society.