Republicans eager to tackle workers' compensation

House, Senate leaders say legislation prohibiting lawsuits related to occupational diseases will be among their priorities for the 2013 session of the General Assembly.

ANALYSIS: GOP shows signs of bending after election defeat

Raising taxes, changing immigration rules and looking at gun rights are all being taken into consideration as recent events have stirred more discussion and dissent with the GOP stances.

Don't be fooled by January pay — higher taxes loom

As lawmakers in Washington try to reach a deal to prevent "fiscal cliff" tax increases and spending cuts, the IRS has delayed releasing income tax withholding tables for 2013.

'Fiscal cliff' tax increases, spending cuts would hurt economy gradually

Even if Congress and the White House can't reach a deal on the "fiscal cliff," the higher taxes and lower government spending that would follow would kick in only gradually. A recession is not guaranteed.

Congressional backing grows for gun control legislation

Gun rights advocates in Congress said they would consider gun control legislation as long as it also addresses mental health issues and the effects of violent video games.

As 'fiscal cliff' negotiations continue, Boehner offers 'plan B'

As President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner pushed to reach a broad deal to avert the "fiscal cliff," Boehner offered a "plan B" that would cancel tax increases for everyone earning $1 million or less.

Missouri electors meet at Capitol for presidential vote

Ten people chosen by their fellow Republican are gathering Monday at the Missouri Capitol to cast the state's Electoral College vote for president.

Akin owes nearly $270,000 from failed U.S. Senate bid

Despite being outspent 3-to-1 in his race against Sen. Claire McCaskill, Rep. Todd Akin recently reported $268,830 in debt as the end of his term as a congressman draws nearer.

'Fiscal cliff' could affect Missouri economy, budget

The Federal Funds Information for States anticipates that if lawmakers in Washington do not compromise on averting the "fiscal cliff," Missouri could lose $125 million in federal funding, and the state's defense spending cuts could total over $1 billion.

Federal 'fiscal cliff' stalemate spurs anxiety in states

Many states depend on federal grants to help finance education, environmental and community programs that are on the chopping block. And their state income tax revenues could rise or fall as a direct result of federal tax hikes.

Three MU graduates to take oath in U.S. Senate

All three lawmakers told the newspaper their experiences at the university helped shape their attitudes as public officials.

Obama, Boehner discuss 'fiscal cliff' stalemate

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner agreed not to release details of their weekend conversation, but aides emphasized that the lines of communication remain open.

Mo. Sen. McCaskill spent $19.3M, now in debt

A summary of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill's finances released Friday shows she had less than $8,800 in her campaign account as of Nov. 26.

GOP Senate group financially aided Akin despite disavowal

Despite publicly disavowing Todd Akin, the political committee for Republican senators quietly sent $760,000 to Missouri in a last-ditch attempt to aid Akin's unsuccessful challenge of Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill

Missouri certifies results of November election

Because the margin of victory was less than 1 percentage point, the losers could still ask for recounts in state House Districts 114 and 150 and in the 45th judicial circuit.

Interest grows among Republicans for Emerson seat

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson announced Monday she is leaving Congress in February after first winning the seat in 1996.

UPDATE: Republican Missouri U.S. Rep. Emerson leaving Congress

Jo Ann Emerson said she plans to step down from Congress in February and will serve as president and CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Akin criticizes 'lord and savior' remark by Jamie Foxx

Akin pledged to continue "speaking out about the problems facing our country" and asked for donations to help pay his campaign bills.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon backs Medicaid expansion

Gov. Jay Nixon said the Medicaid expansion could provide health care coverage to an additional 300,000 state residents.

A look at Medicaid eligibility in Missouri

Read about Missouri's current income eligibility thresholds for Medicaid based on the federal poverty level, and how they would change if the Legislature agrees with Nixon's request to expand eligibility.