CAMPAIGN FINANCE: 45th District, 8 days before Election Day

See how much the candidate has raised and spent in the 45th House District.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: 44th District, 8 days before Election Day

Compare how much candidates have raised and spent in the 44th House District.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: 19th District, 8 days before Election Day

Compare how much candidates have raised and spent in the 19th Senate District.

Wednesday is the deadline to request Missouri absentee ballot

To cast an absentee ballot in Missouri, voters must have a reason that they cannot vote on Election Day, such as travel plans or illness.

Spence puts $1M more into bid for Missouri governor

Online campaign finance reports show that Spence has now loaned or given his campaign $6 million since declaring his candidacy last year.

Wagner to join Hartzler in Columbia on jobs tour

Second District GOP hopeful Ann Wagner plans to join Rep. Vicky Hartzler at the Boone County Republican Party headquarters.

AMERICAN NEXT: Young politicians say young voters are insufficiently involved

Missouri state Rep. Stephen Webber and 44th District seat candidate Caleb Rowden are young politicians looking at ways to inspire young voters to become active in their community.

Missouri attorney general spreads campaign cash to fellow Democrats

Online state campaign finance records show Koster's campaign on Thursday contributed $6,000 each to Democratic secretary of state candidate Jason Kander and to Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Susan Montee.

St. Louis County Library accused in ethics complaint

A complaint alleges that the library spent $175,000 for radio ads and brochures aimed at generating support from Proposition L on the Nov. 6 ballot.

THE TRAIL: Portraits of third-party candidates for Missouri public office

A Missourian photographer shot these unique pictures of third-party candidates in mid-Missouri using a camera that was first produced in the '50s.

THE TRAIL: Northern District Boone County commissioner candidates campaign

Democratic candidate Janet Thompson and Republican candidate Don Bormann have been campaigning for the Northern District Boone County commissioner seat.

Missouri secretary of state candidate gets campaign help

Republican Missouri secretary of state candidate Shane Schoeller got a boost Wednesday from a fellow Republican from Mississippi, who said photo identification requirements for voters are important to preserving the integrity of elections.

Akin remarks remain in spotlight in Senate bid

Since first uttering the regrettable comments about "legitimate rape," Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin has been his own most formidable foe.

Spence gives his gubernatorial campaign $500,000

The suburban St. Louis businessman has now plugged $5 million into his effort to unseat Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

Leaning Republican, Missouri's presidential bellwether status fades

Once hotly contested, the Show-Me State is now widely considered reliably conservative in the lead-up to the Nov. 6 presidential election.

NAACP holds forum for candidates in county, state races

Eighteen candidates for a variety of elected positions attended the forum, which was hosted by the NAACP at Second Baptist Church in Columbia.

McCaskill cancels campaigning to be with ill mom

Sen. Claire McCaskill's 84-year-old mother, Betty Anne McCaskill, was in an intensive care unit of a St. Louis hospital Tuesday after "becoming critically ill."

Akin repeatedly arrested at 1985 abortion protests

Senate candidate Todd Akin has repeatedly declined to discuss additional details of the arrests. The records are private because he was never convicted.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce endorses Proposition B

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce voted to endorse Proposition B, which would raise Missouri's tax on a pack of name-brand cigarettes from 17 cents per pack to 90 cents per pack.

FROM READERS: Family history of activism, rallying against oppression fuels political passion

Aline Kultgen, civil liberties co-chair for the League of Women Voters of Columbia, discusses her motivations for being politically involved.