Missouri voter turnout at 65.7 percent, less than 2008

According to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's office, 2.7 million Missouri residents voted in the general election.

ANALYSIS: Obama, GOP size each other up for deals

In the hours after the election Republicans and Democratic leaders said they are willing to steer toward compromise, as messy as it might be.

Akin's comments, women's perceptions helped McCaskill

An exit poll by The Associated Press found that a majority of Missouri voters said U.S. Rep. Todd Akin's comments about rape factored into their vote. Women were slightly more likely to admit to their consideration of the comment when making a voting decision.

Undecided voters swayed by debates, especially the first

MU freshman Adam Olson made up his mind shortly after the first presidential debate on Oct. 3 because he preferred Obama's education plan to Romney's, he said.

Proposition B foe says proposed tax hike was too steep

Ron Leone, head of the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, said the tax increase would cost Missouri its competitive advantage in the cigarette market.

Rowden wins 44th; Wright and Webber take 47th, 46th districts

Republican newcomer Caleb Rowden defeats veteran politician Ken Jacob in the area's closest House race.

Boone County voters join the nation in casting ballots

The presidential race and a proposed increase in Missouri's tobacco tax were top of mind for many.

Campaigns carry their efforts into the last hours before election

Statewide candidates include Columbia in their final rounds; local candidates focus on getting out the vote.

Voters and readers voice what's important to them in the election

The Missourian's outreach team was interested in hearing what voters and readers had to say. We asked about their feelings on the candidates, what questions they had regarding the election and why it was important to them to be politically involved.

Akin, McCaskill candidates making final appeals for election

State and national candidates from both major parties are engaged in whirlwind tours of Missouri to drum up support in the final day before the election. 

Students attend Let Your Vote ROAR Rally

A rally at the MU Student Center encouraged students to go vote in Tuesday's election.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Boone County Southern District Commissioner, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for Boone County Southern District commissioner are Karen Miller, Democrat, and James Pounds, Republican.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: State Treasurer, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for state treasurer are Clint Zweifel, Democrat; Cole McNary, Republican; and Sean O'Toole, Libertarian.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Secretary of State, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for secretary of state are Jason Kander, Democrat; Shane Schoeller, Republican; Justin Harter, Constitution; and Cisse Spragins, Libertarian.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Lieutenant Governor, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for lieutenant governor are Susan Montee, Democrat; Peter Kinder, Republican; Cynthia Davis, Constitution; and Matthew Copple, Libertarian.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Governor, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for governor are Jay Nixon, Democrat; Dave Spence, Republican; and Jim Higgins, Libertarian.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Attorney General, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for attorney general are Chris Koster, Democrat; Ed Martin, Republican;  and Dave Browning, Libertarian.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Boone County Public Administrator, 8 days before Election Day

Candidates for Boone County Public Administrator are Cathy Richards, Democrat, and John Sullivan, Republican.

ANALYSIS: A look at the most competitive states in the presidential race

A breakdown of which presidential candidate each state is leaning toward with the election just two days away.

Organizations help finance Proposition 1 for children's mental health service

The Putting Kids First campaign has received financial support from four social service agencies to pass the Proposition 1, which would establish a quarter-cent sales tax to fund children's mental health services.