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Missouri lawmakers move to compromise on welfare cuts

A Missouri House of Representative's measure would impose stricter work requirements for welfare programs and reduce the limit from 60 to 30 months.

Missouri House approves additional money for 2015 budget

The measure includes more than $90 million in general funds for the Medicaid pharmacy program for the 2015 fiscal year that ends June 30.

Missouri Senate amends bill to limit unemployment benefits

The bill sets up a tiered system that would gradually reduce the current 20-week cap to as few as 13 weeks once unemployment reaches 6 percent.

Missouri House OKs broad access to heroin overdose treatment

States where broader access to the nasal spray has been approved and emergency responders carry it have seen a dramatic drop in overdose deaths, Republican Rep. Steven Lynch of Waynesville said.

Daughter opens guest house for veterans cemetery visitors

Annette Dittmer held her husband, Kenton, to the promise that he would buy her a restaurant someday. Their cafe, Red Shanty BBQ & Roadside Cafe, is part bait shop, part liquor store and part restaurant.

First responders learn to care for special needs children

In Missouri, a new system allows emergency dispatchers to identify special-needs children within a district with a number, which they then can relay to ambulance crews.

Former Hostess plant in Lenexa to reopen

The plant closed down after Hostess Brands suspended all operations during a negotiation impasse with the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union.

Sheriff's office installing bulletproof glass at headquarters

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office will install a bulletproof window in its lobby, citing significant increases in threats against law enforcement after unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as reports that ISIS is recruiting people to kill police officers.

Two bills might threaten gender-neutral spaces in Missouri

However, it's unclear whether the measures would hinder MU's plans to offer gender-neutral housing in the fall. 

State legislators, public discuss pilot program for medical marijuana

With the introduction of three pieces of legislation, the movement to legalize medicinal cannabis seems to be gaining steam in the halls of the Missouri General Assembly.

Cutting social services priority for Missouri GOP lawmakers

In addition to GOP proposals to limit help for unemployed and low-income families, lead budget writer Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, is pushing for funding cuts to the state's social services, health and mental health departments next fiscal year.


Aspiring Missouri teachers caught in exit exam transition

In September, Missouri changed the exam it requires applicants to pass before earning a teaching certification. Some university officials and students say the 15 months to prepare, take and pass the Praxis II exam before it was discontinued wasn't enough time to prepare properly.

Civil War veteran's ashes buried in southwest Missouri

Specialty, generic drug costs drive Medicaid costs up

The unpredictability of new specialty drugs coming onto the market and the rising cost of even generic medications will make budgeting difficult in the coming years.

Illinois hamlet to assess what's left after tornado kills two

National Weather Service meteorologis said at least one tornado touched down near Fairdale and was initially rated an EF4, meaning it was capable of producing winds up to 200 mph.

Kansas City minimum wage push may differ with state law

Civil rights and religious leaders working to raise the local minimum wage in Kansas City might be stopped by state law. Missouri law plainly forbids the adoption of a local minimum wage ordinances, Councilman Ed Ford said.

YMCA in Ashland expected to benefit city's health, economy, crime rate

More than 200 people have signed up to join the Southern Boone Area YMCA, which will open Monday.

Texas executes Boone County native for police officer's 2002 shooting death

The fifth convicted killer put to death this year in Texas was Kent Sprouse, a Boone County, Missouri, native who was executed Thursday for the slaying of a 28-year-old police officer in Ferris, Texas.

Funeral centers on Missouri auditor aide's political passion

At Spence Jackson's funeral, the focus was not on negative politics but on the joy that he brought to his work and relationships

Suit seeks clarity on funding for St. Louis stadium

With the St. Louis Rams mulling a move to Los Angeles, a group in St. Louis wants a court to determine if the city can contribute tax money to a new stadium without a public vote.