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Governor signs Missouri building bond measure

But Gov. Jay Nixon's budget director says there are no plans to actually issue those bonds.

Conservation agency warns pet owners on coyotes

The Missouri Department of Conservation reports a recent spike in calls to its Columbia regional office from residents who have spotted roaming coyotes.

Nixon rejects more tax credits for food, pregnancy

The legislation rejected Wednesday would have authorized an additional $500,000 annually each of tax credits for contributions to maternity homes, pregnancy resource centers and food pantries.

EPA chief defends proposed clean-water rules

Confusion over what types of waterways are covered under the Clean Water Act is driving an Environmental Protection Agency effort to clarify who has jurisdiction over those waters, EPA's chief told a group of farm interests Thursday in Kansas City.

Towns along Mississippi River hope flood's worst is behind them

The flood arose suddenly after torrential rains in the upper Midwest in the past two weeks. In many parts of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, the flood was among the 10 highest on record.

Sen. Kraus announces his candidacy for Missouri secretary of state

He said he plans to form an official campaign committee for the statewide office after the November general election, where he is unopposed for second Senate term.

Final list OK'd for transportation tax includes Boone County projects

Over the course of the tax's 10-year lifespan, Boone County would receive nearly $70 worth of funding for transportation improvements.

McCaskill: Results of survey about college sex assaults 'very bad'

A survey of colleges and universities finds a lack of coordination between many campuses and local law enforcement in handling sexual assaults and that many schools have gone years without investigating such cases.

UPDATE: Missouri transportation projects approved for tax

The list endorsed Wednesday by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission totals $4.8 billion over a decade for state roads, bridges and other modes of transportation.

Mississippi River peaking at trouble spots

Clarksville and Grafton are small but popular tourist towns and are among the few Mississippi River towns without flood protection. Both are now difficult to get to.

Gov. Nixon signs Missouri preschool funding bill

Unaccredited school districts could start counting preschool students in their attendance figures used for calculating state funding beginning with the 2015-16 school year.

Attorney general backs Missouri right-to-farm measure

Koster announced his support for the amendment Wednesday at the Missouri Farm Bureau headquarters.

Missouri measure targets arrest mugshot websites

Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation making it a misdemeanor to publish police booking photos on websites and then seek money to take the photos down.

Park Hill district reports data security breach

The district said a worker downloaded records from a work computer onto a hard drive. The worker, who left the district shortly afterward, connected the hard drive to a home network, making the data accessible online.

Missouri governor signs financial protection bills

One of the bills signed Tuesday would block arrangements in which public employees sign over their future pension rights to get an upfront lump sum of money — sort of like a payday loan.

Governor vetoes bill closing records of fraud tips

Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a bill that would have closed records of reports of about waste and fraud that are submitted to the lieutenant governor.

Gov. Nixon vetos bills to redefine 'livestock' to include captive deer

Gov. Nixon has vetoed two bills designed to move regulatory oversight for captive deer ranches from the Department of Conservation to the Department of Agriculture.

Missouri launches website for military voters

The website allows people to create a secure account to register to vote and to request and receive absentee ballots while stationed elsewhere.

I-44 section to close in St. Louis this weekend

The Missouri Department of Transportation will close Interstate 44 from Broadway near the Edward Jones Dome to the Poplar Street Bridge. The closure is from 8 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Nixon leaning against right-to-farm ballot measure

The governor said that he doesn't think the amendment will have that big of an effect and that he thinks the state constitution is already pretty long.