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Missouri lobbyists report costly meal differently

Seven lobbyists reported the bill as going to "the entire General Assembly." Five other lobbyists reported the gifts, which also included cab fare to the restaurant, as going to the individual lawmakers in attendance.

First Wentzville-made trucks roll out of factory

Dealers have put in 30,000 advance orders in what Gov. Jay Nixon has deemed Missouri's "automotive success story."

Ferguson voter registrations lower than reported

County elections director Rita Heard Days said Tuesday that an additional 128 people registered to vote in Ferguson from Aug. 11 through Monday.

Rand Paul raising money for Show-Me Institute

The organization is offering a private "round-table" conversation with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., for a $5,000 donation.

McCaskill talks about campus rape culture and legislation

During a visit to MU, the senator took the opportunity to get a reaction to the Campus Safety and Accountability Act, which would create a harsher financial penalty for universities that violate Title IX.

Monsanto pledges $1 million for groups that work in Ferguson, nearby communities

$200,000 will go to the Reinvest North County Fund to help local businesses that were damaged by looters.

Judge bars 'keep moving' rule in Ferguson

Police have used what some call the "five-second" rule to enforce curfews during protests over the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old, Michael Brown, by a white Ferguson officer.

Missouri highway signs focus attention on road

The Department of Transportation said it will be flashing messages on the signs this month urging people to focus on the road and wear their seat belts.

Same-sex marriage advocates hopeful in Missouri

After the U.S. Supreme Court turned away appeals from five states seeking to prohibit same-sex marriages, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster signaled that Missouri is backing away from defending its own same-sex marriage ban.

Approval process delays H&R Block banking sale

H&R Block announced Monday it would not be able to complete a deal to sell its banking business before next tax season.

Missouri bishop speaks out against nondiscrimination bill

Bishop James Johnston of Springfield opposes the expansion of a city ordinance that would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


Boeing to add 700 jobs in St. Louis

Gov. Jay Nixon and Boeing officials announced Monday that the aircraft manufacturer plans to bring 700 jobs to St. Louis.

No arrests for third straight night in Ferguson

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said efforts of the unified command, discretion by officers and by protesters acting in a lawful manner have contributed to a lack of arrests.

2 treated in St. Louis for possible enterovirus 68

The two children are being treated for muscle weakness and paralysis that might be linked to the virus.

New ads criticize Missouri governor's budget cuts

The ads are from the Missouri Club for Growth and accuse the governor of "playing political games" with budget cuts. They also urge support for proposed Constitutional Amendment 10 on the November ballot.

Missouri student loan default rate drops slightly

The Department of Higher Education on Friday announced the state's three-year default rate dropped half a percent from 13.1 percent in 2010 to 12.6 percent in 2011.

Prosecutor wants more aid for Missouri victims

Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight said that fewer than half of Missouri's counties have advocates based in prosecutor's offices to help crime victims.

Voter registration rises after Ferguson shooting

The community is driving an uptick in St. Louis County registration.

No challenge expected on Missouri abortion law

The 72-hour waiting period for abortions goes into effect on Friday, and despite disagreeing with the law, abortion rights groups currently have no plans to file a lawsuit to challenge the measure. 

Autism program expanding in St. Louis area

A donation from a local family foundation will pay to bring trainers to St. Louis to begin the process of certifying 10 more therapists in the program's method.