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Names of more Missouri judge applicants to be released

After many complaints about the secrecy of the nominating process, names of all judicial candidates interviewed by nominating panels will be released to the public. The Missouri Supreme Court approved the new rule in an effort to increase transparency in the process without decreasing the number of people wanting to apply to be judges.

Department of Social Services: State food stamp reports inflated

A computer programming error resulted in years of inflated state food stamp recipient reports.

Missouri House GOP proposes economic development ideas

Missouri House Republicans highlighted several proposals for the 2010 legislative session designed to assist manufacturing, expand technology sector jobs and spur venture capital investing.

Motives in Missouri eminent domain measure scrutinized

A pro-eminent domain advocacy group filed suit Monday claiming that opponents are illegally trying to halt their efforts to place two measures on the 2010 statewide ballot.

Author reconciles Jesus and Santa in new book

Adamn Nelson's new book "A Night with St. Nick" reconciles the story of Santa and Jesus.

Kids go from cancer patients to rock stars

A St. Louis area music program addresses the emotional needs of young cancer patients by helping them write songs.

Secret Santa enlists help of young teen elves

The new 'Secret Santa' recruites a new generation of givers from a Kansas City school.

Program bridges Hispanics, community

The Diocese of Jefferson City helps families and individuals from Latin American countries settle into mid-Missouri life.

Missouri farm irrigation rising faster than national average

Since 2003, the number of irrigated acres in Missouri has risen to 1.2 million, a 16 percent jump. Nationally, irrigation has only risen 5 percent.

Missouri middle school: Students failing homework? Then don't assign any

A middle school in southeast Missouri is doing away with homework after finding that it was partly responsible for an increase in struggling and failing students.

New online paper in St. Louis pays for Globe-Democrat name

A new online newspaper in St. Louis has reached a settlement that will allow it to call itself the Globe-Democrat, the same name used by a St. Louis daily paper that shuttered in 1986.

St. Louis 7-year-old shoots 1-year-old brother

On Saturday afternoon, a 7-year-old girl shot her 1-year-old brother with a gun that belonged to their 18-year-old uncle. The boy is in critical but stable condition.

Saturday fire dry roasts Kansas City Folgers Coffee plant, damage limited

The Folgers Coffee plant in downtown Kansas City smoldered for some time this weekend before folks discovered the factory itself was slowly roasting. Firefighters doused the blaze, but not before it caused about $50,000 in damage.

Case involving a Jefferson City funeral home continued until January

A case concerning a Missouri funeral home closed over mishandled contracts has been continued until Jan. 21.

Analysis: Missouri mulls limiting medicine to curb meth

In an effort to fight the state's meth problem, Missouri lawmakers have filed a bill for next year's legislative session that would require many consumers to have a presciption for medecine that's currently over-the-counter.

Missouri teen fills room with gifts to be donated

After raising more than $7,000 worth of presents, 15-year-old Emma Clardy will donate the gifts to St. Jude Children's Research Center in Memphis, Tenn.

Senate GOP filibuster attempt on spending bill blocked

Republicans oppose the measure beause they say it spends too much money when the government is running high deficits.

UM curators talk college readiness, elect chairwoman

The Board of Curators for the University of Missouri System on Friday heard reports on the college preparedness of Missouri students and the effectiveness of UM campuses in preparing students for the workforce. They also elected Judith Haggard to be the board's chairwoman in 2010 and Warren Erdman to be the vice chairman.

UPDATE: National Bikers Roundup coming to Columbia

Columbia successfully lured a national motorcycle rally to Columbia in August. The rally is expected to have at least a $3 million economic impact on the area.

Owners of Starr Pines help families choose Christmas tree

The owners of Starr Pines, Wayne and Annie Harmon, help families chose their perfect tree year after year.