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Despite hackers, chief won't identify officer in shooting

Anonymous had pledged to create mischief with Ferguson's city computers if the name wasn't released, and representatives of the group have taken credit for the incident.

Ferguson police get racial training after shooting

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson told reporters Wednesday his department is working with the Justice Department's community relations experts to help address the racial discord that's erupted since 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed on Saturday.

Times Square warnings cut into characters' tips

The blitz kicked off over the weekend, with officers handing out fliers in five languages. City officials say they had to take action after physical attacks on some visitors, including children.

Virus found in 14 Kansas City-area newborns

Kansas Department of Health and Environment spokeswoman Aimee Rosenow said none of the infants has died from HPeV3 but all have been hospitalized.

Missouri courthouse damaged in lighting strike

The Aug. 6 strike hit a rod on top of the building. It knocked out electrical equipment in the Missouri Extension public administrator's offices.

Record Missouri corn crop possible

The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicted Missouri's corn production this year will total 533 million bushels — the highest on record for the state and a 22 percent increase from last year.

Vandals wreak dismay for Missouri school district

Tim Crawley says more damage was found Tuesday morning outside the school, where the baseball press box and the football concession stand were burglarized.

Missouri man pleads guilty to sex trafficking

Smith has agreed to serve 20 years without parole and pay restitution.

Southwest Missouri rehab center to close

MU Health Care announced the planned closing Monday, citing several years of low patient numbers and expanded access to long-term rehab care throughout the state.

Racial tensions are not new in St. Louis suburb

 Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said he made recruiting and promoting black officers a priority when he took over four years ago after a three-decade police career in St. Louis and St. Louis County. He promoted two black officers to sergeant in his first year in Ferguson, though one of those officers has since left for a better-paying job.


Living down under (the ground) OK for some

Earth homes are emerging into green housing lifestyles. The homes typically have three sides underground, with only the front of the structure peeking out.

UPDATE: Missouri shooting victim called quiet, respectful

His parents and neighbors described Michael Brown as a good-hearted kid with an easy smile who certainly wouldn't have condoned the violence and looting that spread though his north St. Louis suburb following his death.

UPDATE: Police cite threats, won't name cop who shot teen

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said a large crowd that gathered throughout Monday at the site of a burned-out convenience store turned rowdy at nightfall, throwing rocks at police.

Libraries feeling pinch of state budget fight

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon froze a $3.5 million state fund to help libraries with their general bills.

UPDATE: Chillicothe man sues over wrongful conviction

The lawsuit names former state prosecutor Kenny Hulshof, later a six-term U.S. congressman; shooting survivor Lyndel Robertson and his daughter, Rochelle Koehly; the Livingston County Sheriff's Department; and 10 others.

UPDATE: Witnesses say teen had hands raised when he was shot

The investigation into what led to the shooting was ongoing, but Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Monday that the FBI was taking over the case and that he welcomed the move.

Holder says Missouri shooting deserves review

The attorney general's statement Monday comes as the Justice Department dispatched its Community Relations Service to the scene to try and help calm the area's racial tension. The service helps communities resolve conflicts and tensions arising from racial differences.

Rally peaceful day after riots outside St. Louis

A day after a night of rioting in Ferguson, roughly 250 people chanted "no justice, no peace" as they marched Monday to protest the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Missouri led nation in Medicaid roll reductions

New figures from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that Missouri's Medicaid enrollment dropped by 37,260 people in June.

UPDATE: Challenge to gay marriage ban heads to trial

St. Louis issued marriage licenses to four same-sex couples in June, setting up a court fight in a state where gay marriage is banned under a 2004 amendment to the Missouri Constitution.