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Proposal to combine state education departments still in early stages

Gov. Jay Nixon raised the proposal last week as a cost-savings measure.

Missouri jobless rate remains unchanged despite new jobs

The Missouri unemployment rate stayed at 9.4 percent last month with new jobs in healthcare, private education and social assistance offsetting losses in construction, manufacturing and other areas.

K.C. International Airport introduces full-body scanners

Starting next week, some passengers traveling with Southwest Airlines at KCI will have to start receiving a full-body scan or a body pat-down before boarding their plane.

House could pass budget without Nixon's recommended cuts

House Budget Committee chairman said the House could pass the state budget and let the governor and Senate work together to make the governor's recommended cuts.

'Fairy Godmother' gets Missouri students ready for prom

Operation Fairy Godmother, a project started by Debbie Leatherman of Joplin High School, helps make prom affordable to all students. Almost 500 students were invited to a recent Fairy Godmother event, where more than 1,000 dresses were available for only $5 a piece.

Missouri officials worry about participation in 2010 census

Missouri could potentially lose federal funding and one of its nine congressional districts if the state population is counted as too low.

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A comprehensive summary of local, state and sports news from the weekend, including links.

Recession endangers 'Parents as Teachers,' an early childhood education program

Parents as Teachers, a program formed in Missouri, helps provide parents worldwide with education tips and in-home early childhood screening for disabilities and learning delays. Due to difficult economic times, funding for the program is shrinking and Missouri lawmakers are close to approving a $4.1 million cut to the program.

House votes against legalizing medical marijuana

While discussing  a bill to ban synthetic marijuana known as K2, the House denied the proposition to legalize medical marijuana. 

Recent rainfall increases flooding concerns in Missouri

Flood warnings have been issued for parts of eastern Missouri for early this week.

Missouri health officials concerned by 'downer drinks'

The emergence of a beverage line created to cause either extreme relaxation or make it easier to sleep is causing concern in the medical field.

Court advocates group seeks volunteers as abuse, neglect cases rise

Court Appointed Special Advocates officials said that there are waiting lists for children to get workers in Missouri and Kansas.

Daylong U.S. Census rally to be held in Jefferson City

The event is to feature several speakers and live performances.

Missouri, other states go all in, expand gaming to plug the budget

In times of financial strain, states are turning to gambling revenue to increase their budgets. At least 18 states this year are looking to expand games because of a drop-off in the money they collect from casinos, lotteries or other gambling.

Springfield hospital's radiation problems raise questions

After the discovery of dangerous radiation levels at a Springfield hospital, lawmakers are pushing legislation to standardize the licensing of medical professionals.

Budget cuts lead to larger classes in Missouri, Kansas

Class sizes continue to grow as Kansas and Missouri school districts cut millions of dollars from their budgets. Teachers and parents are worried about the larger class sizes.

Veteran dies of exposure in southwest Misssouri

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said Friday there were no signs of foul play based on preliminary autopsy results in the death of 62-year-old Ernest Jensen of Stark City.

Missouri School for the Deaf: A senior sendoff

A senior on the Missouri School for the Deaf's basketball team talks about his last game and what basketball means to him.

Missouri lawmakers need to trim $500 million from 2011 state budget

Gov. Jay Nixon says his January budget for 2011 needs to be trimmed by about $500 million. Lawmakers disagree on who bears the burden of doing so.

String noose at Kansas City area high school causes outrage

Two students receive in-school suspension after giving another student a noose made of string.