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Crop subsidies prop up cotton country through downturn

Millions of dollars in federal crop subsidies have helped communities in Missouri's Bootheel weather the recession better than most.

Bill backs horse slaughterhouses in Missouri

State Rep. Jim Viebrock, R-Republic, is sponsoring legislation aimed at bypassing a federal ban on meat inspectors working in horse slaughtering plants.

Missouri children's agency earns national accreditation

Five years after the death of Dominic James, a 2-year-old of Springfield, the state's Department of Social Services's Division of Children is one of six nationwide accredited for its work. Paula Neese, director of the Division of Children, said the designation was a first step toward improving the situation for children and their families

UPDATE: Missouri Supreme Court hears challenge to malpractice limits

Attorneys for patients argued that the limits violate the Missouri Constitution and that lawmakers had no rational basis for them.

St. Louis plant reopens one week after shootings

Employees of the ABB Inc. plant in St. Louis returned to work Thursday, a week after 51-year-old Timothy Hendron arrived armed with four guns and killed three men and injured five more before killing himself.

DNR seeks donations to help run Missouri state parks

DNR estimates the average Missourian pays about $6 per year for parks. The agency says that's not enough to keep pace with the rising costs of running the sites.

Missouri Supreme Court hearing challenge to malpractice limits

The court scheduled arguments Thursday in a case challenging a 2005 law that set a flat $350,000 cap for non-economic damages.

Senate hearing explores eliminating income tax

Abolishing the income tax and allowing the state to go into debt were two budget fixes proposed to a Senate panel Tuesday.

Missouri education department seeks public input on special education services

To comply with federal regulations, Missouri is seeking to change its guidelines regarding special education. A final public hearing before recommendations are submitted to the state board of education will be held Jan. 26 in St. Louis.

State auditor: Consider repealing costly tax discount for businesses

State Auditor Susan Montee said Missouri should consider repealing a law that cost the state $93 million in potential revenue in 2008. The law gives a 2 percent discount to businesses who pay their taxes on time.

UPDATE: 400 rally against federal health care bill at Missouri Capitol

The rally focused primarily on federal proposals that would tax individuals who do not purchase health insurance and penalize businesses that do not offer it to their employees.

Missouri, Kansas charities rushing aid to Haiti

Heart to Heart International plans to ship between $500,000 and $1 million worth of medical supplies by Thursday.

Missouri legislature considers bill requiring drug tests for welfare applicants

The bill would require screening of all applicants for welfare and testing those who are suspected of drug use. An applicant who tested positive would be ineligible for benefits for a year. Children and other members of the household would still be eligible for assistance, and money would have to go through a third party.

Missouri teen: Family's love helped him survive captivity

It was three years ago that Shawn Hornbeck was discovered after being kidnapped at 11 years old. Now 18, Hornbeck relives his captivity and hopes to raise awareness about missing children.

Missouri judge upgrades charges to first-degree murder for drifter's death

Granting the prosecutor's request, the judge has charged Chester Harvey and his son, Chad, in the Dec. 18 death of James McNeely with first-degree murder.

Audit: Missouri could better track sales tax exemptions

Missouri has 131 exemptions applying to everything from food to medicine to utilities.

400 rally against federal health care bill at Missouri Capitol

Wednesday's rally focused primarily on federal proposals that would tax individuals who do not purchase health insurance or tax certain businesses that do not offer insurance to employees.

Nixon, Zweifel kick off homebuyer incentive

Missourians who sign contracts to buy a home this year may apply for a financial incentive equal to their first year's property tax.

Missouri Amtrak ridership rose 16 percent in December

Nationwide, Amtrak's passengers increased by 5 percent.

Missouri faces budget battle

So far this fiscal year, Missouri has borrowed $350 million from a budget reserve to help ease cash flow problems. The state will be responsible for returning these funds no later than May 15. State Budget Director Linda Luebbering addressed the House Budget Committee on Wednesday about this issue.