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Missouri judge upgrades charges to first-degree murder for drifter's death

Granting the prosecutor's request, the judge has charged Chester Harvey and his son, Chad, in the Dec. 18 death of James McNeely with first-degree murder.

Audit: Missouri could better track sales tax exemptions

Missouri has 131 exemptions applying to everything from food to medicine to utilities.

400 rally against federal health care bill at Missouri Capitol

Wednesday's rally focused primarily on federal proposals that would tax individuals who do not purchase health insurance or tax certain businesses that do not offer insurance to employees.

Nixon, Zweifel kick off homebuyer incentive

Missourians who sign contracts to buy a home this year may apply for a financial incentive equal to their first year's property tax.

Missouri Amtrak ridership rose 16 percent in December

Nationwide, Amtrak's passengers increased by 5 percent.

Missouri faces budget battle

So far this fiscal year, Missouri has borrowed $350 million from a budget reserve to help ease cash flow problems. The state will be responsible for returning these funds no later than May 15. State Budget Director Linda Luebbering addressed the House Budget Committee on Wednesday about this issue.

Missouri advocacy groups seek stiffer penalties for puppy mills

Missouri's animal rights organizations are taking a stand against puppy mills; they're in the process of collecting 100,000 signatures for the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, which would appear on the November 2010 ballot.

One dead in Missouri horse-drawn buggy collision

Eli Borntrager was killed in a collision with his horse-drawn buggy and a Chevrolet on Tuesday morning.

Missouri food stamp error puts digital records on hold

The $5 million project to create electronic records in several counties was to be funded with part of the $14 million in federal bonuses Missouri received over the past six years for its high participation in its food stamps program. The bonus money is in jeopardy because of the error that caused exaggerated food stamp numbers.

Missouri lawmakers try to reject changes to farm tax

Republican Sen. Bill Stouffer of Napton said Tuesday that he wants to reject the changes approved last month by the Missouri State Tax Commission to increase the value of the four best categories of farmland. He said the agriculture market is too volatile and the timing isn't right.

Missouri Supreme Court rejects sex offender rules

The court sided with two sex offenders, ruling they cannot be barred from handing out Halloween candy and living within 1,000 feet of schools and child care centers because those restrictions weren't in place when they were convicted.

Missouri uses beets to melt snow, ice from highways

The Missouri Department of Transportation says it has used 78,000 gallons of beet juice mixed with salt so far this winter.

Workers compensation fraud cases rose in 2009, attorney general says

Attorney General Chris Koster says the office assessed $838,000 in penalties last year.

Murder charges dropped against 1 Jefferson City robbery suspect

Eight people have been charged in the Oct. 5 home invasion.

2 Missouri men face Feb. 1 arraignment in sex case

Burrell Mohler Sr. faces 21 counts of rape, and his son David Mohler is charged with two counts of rape. Four other male family members have been accused of sexual abuse.

Hundreds gather to mourn victim of St. Louis shooting

Cory Wilson, of Collinsville, Ill. and the youngest victim of the shooting at the St. Louis power plant, is remembered by many for his involvement in the community.

Three Missouri men abduct New Jersey pet store owner

After abducting Jeff Muller of Newton, N.J., the men drove nearly 1,200 miles to Missouri where they were apprehended.

ANALYSIS: Despite Missouri's budget woes, ideas for tax cuts flourish

Some Missouri lawmakers suggest lowering taxes to attract businesses and encourage spending in the state.

Missouri protection order requests no longer online

After complaints from the subjects of some of these requests, Missouri's now provides information only on individuals against whom a protection order is actually granted.

Missouri budget cuts could roil virtual school students, parents

Gov. Jay Nixon's announcement this fall of a $204 million budget cut removes the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program's state-funded seats. For students wishing to continue their online education, parents, schools or districts must now foot the bill.