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Missouri tourism brings in $670 million in taxes

According to Missouri tourism officials, the ailing economy sent tourists to homes instead of hotels.

UPDATE: Missouri Senate OKs ethics bill; House files own plan

The bills have some similar provisions, but the House's version would reinstate campaign finance limits.

Jury awards plaintiffs $11 million in Missouri hog lawsuit

The Jackson County jury awarded compensatory damages to 15 neighbors of a hog farm in northern Missouri.

Missouri ethics bill imposing new fundraising restrictions goes to House

Missouri senators have passes an ethics bill through the Senate that would strengthen the power of the state Ethics Commission and impose new fundraising restrictions.

Lawsuit filed about Springfield red-light camera fees

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the city of Springfield to force it to return fees it has received through red light camera tickets

800-gallon fuel spill leads to cleanup on Missouri farm

800 gallons of fuel were spilled onto a farm in north-central Missouri after an above-ground storage tank in Randolph County sprung a leak.

Senator says Missouri not adequately competing for economic development

Senator Tom Dempsey is sponsoring an economic development bill to attract businesses considering Missouri and give tax breaks to Missouri companies considering expansion instate.

Suspected illegally stored radioactive gas leads to U.S. Attorney's investigation

A federal investigation into an incident of illegally stored radioactive gas has been confirmed by the Natural Resources Department.

Proposed bill has private, public university students debating scholarship money

Officials and students from public and private institutions testified before the House Higher Education Committee on a bill that designates scholarship money that can be allocated to private college students versus those that attend public universities.


Bill would make K2 possession a felony

Although the exact effects of K2 are unknown, a bill in the Missouri General Assembly would make any possession of the substance a Class C felony.

Webster University professor appointed as new Missouri poet laureate

David Clewell replaced Walter Bargen as Missouri's poet laureate on Wednesday during the annual Poetry Out Loud competition in Jefferson City. Clewell teaches poetry workshops and 19th- and 20th- century literature at Webster University in St. Louis.

Missouri's budget hole deepens

A third straight month of double-digit declines in Missouri's revenue will likely result in additional cuts to this year's budget, according to the state's budget director. Gov. Jay Nixon began meetings with legislators on Tuesday to cut nearly half a billion dollars from next year's budget, an amount greater than the appropriation for the University of Missouri System.

UPDATE: Toxicologists studying effects of synthetic pot

Missouri has a high number cases involving negative effects of the drug.

Missouri House seeks to block health insurance mandate

Individuals and employers who choose to pay for their own health care would be protected against penalties and fines under a proposed amendment circulating in the Missouri House.

Missouri Senate backs broader ban on driver texting

Drivers of all ages would not be allowed to text while driving if a Senate bill is passed. Currently drivers 21 and younger cannot text on the road.

Nixon's plan to balance budget with special funds draws opponents

Opponents expressed their concern over Gov. Jay Nixon's plan to balance the budget by using $27 million from 23 special accounts.

Toxicologist warns of dangerous symptoms from K2

A Saint Louis University professor said that symptoms suggest K2 affects users' cardiovascular systems.

Missouri schools to promote maths and sciences this week

Officials hope that promoting math, engineering, technology and science will lead to an improved work force in those fields.

Old plots, now in the way

As city and state governments unearth abandoned cemetaries, relatives and preservationists struggle to protect them.

Obama to make health care speech in St. Louis

President Obama is scheduled to make a speech on health care reform on March 10 in St. Louis. He will appear before at least two groups of people at a Democratic fundraiser.