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Access Missouri bill hearing draws big crowd

The Senate Education Committee heard a bill that would equalize Access Missouri scholarships between private and public colleges in Missouri.

Missouri legislators worry ethics bill might go too far

A vote on an ethics bill was held for further debate because senators said the legislation might be too strict.

Grant helping Missouri switch health records from paper to electronic

Nearly $14 million will go toward statewide health information networks, according to the Department of Social Services. The goal is to make it easier to exchange medical records among health providers.

Two new lawmakers sworn into Missouri House

Democrats Hope Whitehead of St. Louis and Pat Conway of St. Joseph were sworn in to the Missouri House Wednesday, filling two vacancies.

Missouri senators debate lower minimum wage for teens

The proposed legislation would allow employers to pay 75 percent of the state minimum wage to workers younger than 20 years old.

Nixon announces state incentive for small businesses

An effort by Gov. Jay Nixon to bolster small business with state incentives has already helped a St. Louis chef.

Federal complex in Missouri site of air tests

Air monitoring tests for potential health risks were conducted at the Bannister Federal Complex in Kansas City. The EPA did not reveal what it was testing for.

Mayor: Grant will prepare Fenton auto plant for new use

Fenton will get a grant of $1.5 million after the closure of a Chrysler plant complex left a gaping hole in the city's 2009 operating budget.

Missouri Senate initially OKs amendment allowing collection of criminal's DNA

The proposed amendment would ensure DNA samples continue to be taken from those 17 and older leaving prison.

Kansas City receives funding for infrastructure improvements

The grant, part of a national transportation innovation effort by the Department of Transportation, will focus on the urban core of Kansas City.

Missouri House backs decreases in phone access rates

Missouri's intrastate access rates are among the highest in the nation. The legislation would gradually lower those rates.

Senators urge educating abortion patients before procedure

One bill discussed would require physicians to offer an ultrasound 24 hours before performing an abortion, and a second would require the physicians to collect more information on women who seek an abortion.

House votes in favor of autism bill

The Missouri House has approved a bill that would require insurance coverage for children 18 and under with autism spectrum disorders.

State budget cuts might affect Missouri social services

State legislators plan on cutting at least 5 percent from the almost $24 billion budget.

Cape Girardeau woman's strength slowly returns after a bad fall

An elderly Cape Girardeau woman's strength is returning after a fall left her stranded in the cold in the early hours of the morning for several hours last month.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor aide suspended over political e-mail

Deputy Lt. Gov. Jerry Dowell has been place on a five-day unpaid leave for sending an fundraiser invitiation from a Tour of Missouri e-mail account.

Missourians could give tax money to help foster families

A bill in the Missouri Senate would allow donating to raising public awareness of adoptive and foster families efforts through a checkoff on their state tax forms.

Missouri Senate gives initial OK to adoption record access expansion

New legislation in the Missouri Senate would give people adopted after Aug. 28 of this year access to their birth certificates once they're 18. Currently, Missouri adoptees have to go through the court system or gain consent from their birth mother for access.

Use of 'Tour' e-mail account gets aide in trouble

The aide for Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder was reprimanded for the incident.

Senate takes up bill that would ban K2

Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, said mid-Missouri emergency rooms have treated adolescents complaining of negative effects.