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Missouri lawmaker pleads guilty to drunken driving

Michael Corcoran, a Democrat from St. Ann, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge and two traffic charges that carried a $250 fine.

Republican primary likely in Missouri auditor's race

Two Republicans now challenging Susan Montee for state auditor job as Tom Schweich announces candidacy.

Missouri housing agency's ethics panel approves new rules

The rules were changed after an internal audit raised concerns about commissioners ties with developers.

Carnahan appealing Missouri affirmative action ruling

A judge ruled in June that Carnahan should have rejected the proposal because of a flaw in its wording.

Missouri town restricts sales of medicine used in meth

The eastern Missouri town of Washington will require a prescription for medications containing pseudoephedrine, a main ingredient in both Sudafed and methamphetamine.

Rural Missouri has potential for renewable energy, report says

The Natural Resources Defense Council said Missouri has the potential for setting up additional wind farms, producing ethanol and harnessing methane gas from large livestock farms.

Rust closes part of western Missouri bridge

A Missouri Route 291 bridge in Kansas City is closed because of rust damage and could remain that way for months.

Drury reaches out to black high schoolers

University hopes to offer college experience to students who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

Large Missouri family raises special-needs children

In addition to their two biological children, Arthur and Juanita Lonjers of St. Joseph have adopted and care for seven special-needs children. While raising the children takes much time and effort, the Lonjers have found their lifestyle fulfilling.

WWII fathers sought — and sometimes found

Public military records and national archives have helped unite some families.

Riding the bus twice a lifesaver for Missouri man

James Jones has had two medical emergencies in as many years while riding the Liberty Express Metro bus in Kansas City. Both rides, however, proved to be lifesavers.

'Snake Lady' shares love of reptiles for 25 years

A Sedalia woman, better known to some as the "Snake Lady," gives volunteer snake presentations to school groups and said snakes have been a part of her life for 25 years.

Missouri boosting payments to sheltered workshops

Thousands of disabled Missourians are employed in sheltered workshops across the state, where they're paid below minimum wage to perform basic tasks. The state's reimbursement rate to these workshops rose by $5 and is scheduled to rise again next summer.

Former Bush official Schweich running for Missouri auditor

Republican Tom Schweich, a former state department official for President George W. Bush, has joined Republican state House member Allen Icet in challenging Democratic Auditor Susan Montee.

ANALYSIS: Energy savings fee could cost on Missouri bills

A bill awaiting Gov. Jay Nixon's signature would allow utility companies to recoup expenses on energy-efficiency promotions by charging a fee on customer bills.

Police say Missouri woman likely abducted

Deborah Marsch of Union has not been seen since she left her home early Friday morning.

Missouri native picked to be NASA astronaut

Mike Hopkins of Richland had applied to be an astronaut three times before, but on his fourth try, NASA accepted Hopkins, along with eight other candidates, from a nationwide applicant pool of 3,500 for its latest class of astronauts.

Mid-Missouri sees increase in treatment for AIDS/HIV

Rain-Central Missouri, a case management organization, has enrolled 58 new clients in the last year.

Walt Disney World monorail crash kills employee

The transit system, which shuttles thousands of visitors around the sprawling resort each day, was shut down while authorities investigated the wreck.

Springfield council looks at same sex law

The Springfield City Council is considering the removal of a local ordinance that makes it illegal to entice a member of the same gender to engage in sexual activity in a public place.