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Grants to help relocate families out of flood plain

Eight families in the small northeast Missouri community of Monkey Run are being offered buyouts to help relocate them away from the threat of river flooding.

Mardi Gras celebrations go up for St. Louis air passengers

St. Louis' Lambert Airport is planning a Mardi Gras celebration for its passengers this weekend.

Missouri considers youth concussion legislation

The measure would require medical clearance before young athletes who suffer a concussion could return to practices or games.

Missouri lawmakers debate photo ID, early ballot voting rules

The proposed bills would make voting more convenient and also more secure.

White River Basin talks to proceed between Missouri and Arkansas

Arkansas and Missouri officials are continuing talks of creating new pollution standards for the region of the White River Basin based off of water quality data gathered by both states.

Missouri housing director wants to work for non-profit

Pete Ramsel has stated his interest in working for a charity that focuses on housing issues after he steps down as executive director of the Missouri Housing Development Commission on March 1.

Senators mixed on best way to handle tax credits

Tax credit review by Senate needs special consideration due to business interests.

Missouri lawmakers consider ban on synthetic pot

Missouri lawmakers consider a ban on a synthetic drug that mimics the effects of marijuana. The drug is widely available and legal, but there has not been a study on its effect on humans. 

Missouri prosecutor: Charges weeks away in baby's death

he decides whether to charge a southwest Missouri man with killing his baby. The body of 8-month-old Eddie Salazar Jr. was found Saturday wedged against a tree on the bank of the Spring River near Carthage.

Cleaning service offers comfort to cancer patients in Missouri

Cleaning houses is more than just a job to employees whose companies are partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, a program that cleans,  for free,  the homes of women undergoing cancer treatment.

Police release the names of victims in Connecticut plant explosion

Authorities have released the names of the five men killed in the Kleen Energy plant explosion.

Nixon names next Missouri Highway Patrol superintendent appointee

Gov. Jay Nixon named Maj. Ronald Replogle as the successor Col. James Keathley on Monday.

McCaskill: Missouri politicians posturing on stimulus

Missouri politicans criticize Washington's big spending, but they keep using the federal stimulus money to balance the state budget, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, said Monday.

Missouri Senate discusses possible resolutions if health care reform passes

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-St. Louis County, spoke Monday about a resolution that encourages state Attorney General Chris Koster to join 15 other state attorneys general in threatening a lawsuit against the federal government if a version of the health care reform passes into law.

Family-owned farms urged to apply for Missouri 'century farms'

Farms in Missouri that have been owned by members of the same family for 100 consecutive years are being urged to apply to be recognized as a Missouri century farm.

Missouri bill would ban felons from selling fireworks

Proposed bill in Missouri Senate would require fireworks sellers to  only buy and sell to customers with a permit.

Missouri senator moves to kill legal ads in newspapers

The Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on a bill to allow government financial reports and candidate announcements online only, instead of in newspapers.

Music lovers have kept Hannibal dancing for 35 years

Weekly dances in Hannibal bring residents regular entertainment and the opportunity to socialize and meet new people. The dances are held from noon to 3 p.m. every Wednesday.  Admission is $3 and includes an afternoon of music, dancing and a potluck meal.

Accused Missouri truck driver says homicide victim hurt family

A Missouri truck driver says a homicide victim hurt his family after getting them involved in a drug scheme. The body of the 20-year-old victim was found Dec. 22 in the refrigerated compartment of the driver's rig.

More than 700,000 Missouri residents received food aid in 2009

An estimated 728,000 Missouri residents received food aid from emergency food banks in 2009. About 39 percent of those receiving aid are children under 18.