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St. Louis radio station yanks church service off the air

A radio station worker thought he heard cursing, but it was congregants yelling after one church member fainted.

Springfield woman dies in early morning house fire

Another woman, who appeared to have returned to the house to help, was seriously injured, officials said.

Three die in unrelated homicides in St. Louis

One of the victims of the Saturday shootings was a 15-year-old, shot in the head.

Springfield police investigate death of infant

The parents of the 2-month-old told emergency workers that the child had begun choking.

Hannibal woman watches both sons go to war

The single mother has her doubts about the conflict yet has nothing but support for her sons' choice to fight.

Bomb threat made at Hickman High School

Police investigated and gave the all-clear at 1:11 p.m. There were about 300 students inside the school, and they remained in the building during the police search. Columbia police are still trying to identify the caller who made the bomb threat.

Federal recovery money spent on anti-smoking ads, census

Money used to avoid program cuts has been spent on an anti-smoking PSA featuring a St. Louis Cardinals pitcher. Stimulus money has also been used by the Missouri Department of Transportation to resurface roads.

Missouri gov. says university should consider Big Ten

The Big Ten announced earlier this week that it will be exploring whether to expand. Gov. Nixon said his alma mater should be open to the possibility of switching, primarily because he says the Big Ten has some excellent academic programs.

Small earthquake rumbles in southeast Missouri

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake happened at 5:38 a.m. about nine miles south of New Madrid.

Missouri housing agency approves $35M assistance plan

The Missouri Housing Development Commission voted Friday to use $15 million to pay property taxes for low- and middle-income people who by a house next year.


Lawsuit claims tannery sludge damaged Missouri farmland

At least two dozen northwest Missouri landowners filed sued the previous and current owners of a tannery accusing them of causing damage to their farmland by providing the sludge and failing to warn property owners that it contained chromium.

Branson West airport runway open for business

Branson West Municipal Airport officially opened Tuesday when nine planes landed on its runway. The next step for the $20-million project is to create hangars, a maintenance and terminal facility and fuel facilities.

Nixa woman sentenced to 17 years in child porn case

Amy Vogt of Nixa was sentenced for 17 ½ years in prison for receiving and distributing child pornography.

22 mid-Missouri people arrested in drug sweep

The Sedalia Democrat reported that the arrests were made because of a two-year undercover investigation that revolved around the sale and distribution of controlled substances.

Bill would allow small businesses into Missouri Consolidated

The Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan provides health care to more than 107,000 state and local government employees.

Official seeks to remove law banning margarine

A Missouri representative has introduced a bill that would overturn a decades-old decision outlawing yellow margarine in the state. Since 1800, there has been a Missouri law that has banned the sale of margarine.  The law was imposed to protect the dairy industry.

St. Louis-area town culls growing deer population

Town and Country recently wrapped up a program that sought to curb its deer population by shooting some animals and sterilizing others. The program killed 110 deer and sterilized 100.

Marathon to take place in three states, along Route 66

The marathon route will start in Miami, Okla., and end in Joplin. A companion half-marathon will start near Riverton, Kan., and also end in Joplin.

Missouri to shut down Wellston School District near St. Louis

The district, which lost its state accreditation in 2003, will be merged with the nearby Normandy School District.

Health officials say Missouri received doses of recalled H1N1 vaccine

The state received about 22,000 doses of a recalled H1N1 vaccine. The vaccine was recalled because tests showed the vaccine lost strength.