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Joint Committee on Tax Policy calls for tax credit accountability

With $8 million in deductions last year for Missouri insurance companies, some legislators want to know why a 60-year-old law is still on the books.

Report: Boone County ranks 10th in children's well-being

The Kids Count report looks at 10 key factors when reviewing data and uses six to determine a composite rank for the well-being of children for each county.

Missouri ranks second in rate of black homicide

Missouri ranks second in the nation for black homicide rates among its residents, according to a report on based on statistics from 2007.

Missouri House rejects plan to change farm land taxes

Last month, the State Tax Commission proposed increasing productive values for higher quality farmland, cutting them for lesser land and keeping them the same for the worst. The recommendations will take effect Jan. 1, 2011, unless the House and Senate each vote to reject them.

Missouri regulators vote to close President Casino

The Missouri Gaming Commission claims the owners of the casino have deliberately slowed the casino's gambling and voted 4-0 to revoke it's license. A spokesperson from Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., which owns the casino, said the economy is to blame for the casino's decline.

Missouri educators learning to identify suicide warning signs

A University of Missouri suicide prevention program is offering training sessions for high school educators around the state. During the sessions, they learn to identify risk factors and warning signs in students.

Missouri bill barring texting for all drivers gets support

Currently Missouri law prohibits people age 21 and younger from writing, sending or reading text messages while driving a vehicle.

Missouri Senate panel advances bill requiring autism coverage

The Senate's legislation would require coverage of up to $72,000 anually while the House is still working on a bill of its own.

Humane Society of Missouri holds first telethon

The telethon will raise funds to care for animals and investigate abuse cases.

Study provides better picture of student performance at charter schools

The committee can now analyze the data and try to understand why some of the schools are performing above expectations.

Missouri House mulls special elections for vacancies

Republican House member Jason Smith is sponsoring a bill that says Missouri voters should be guaranteed the right to pick their elected officials rather than vacancies being appointed by the governor.

Nixon proposes upgrade to Bowling Green prison

The governor asked for $280,000 to remodel the prison, which is 12 years old and cost $70 million to build.

New bill attempts to remove yoga sales tax

Supported by Sen. Joan Bray, an amendment would remove the 4 percent sales tax currently collected on yoga, Pilates and similar classes.

Koster seeks execution dates for convicted killers

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster asked for  execution dates for convicted killers Joseph Franklin and Allen Nicklasson. Franklin is a white supremacist who killed people in several states and Nicklasson killed the man who stopped to help him with his stalled car.

Missouri texting-while-driving ban yields few tickets

The ban is still under debate about whether it should be extended to all ages, instead of the 21-and-younger demographic it targets now.

Bill might make Missouri drug users ineligible for welfare

A proposed bill would require some Missouri welfare recipients to undergo drug testing.

Missouri Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Carmen Deck

The Missouri Supreme Court decided to uphold a death penalty sentence for a 1996 double-murder case; however, the judges remain unsure if death is an appropriate punishment for a crime.

I-66 project connecting Missouri to the coasts gets another look

The proposal to make Cape Girardeau, Mo. a transportation hot spot through I-66 is no longer a cold case. Leaders take another look at the highway proposition.

State funding falls millions short for Missouri K-12 schools

Even with a proposed increase, Missouri is still falling $43 million short for elementary and secondary education funding. Some senators fear school districts might sue the state.

State senator proposes Medicare bill for stricter sales guidelines

A controversial bill that would mandate refunds for Medicare policy cancellations and issue guidelines for selling practices was proposed to the Senate.