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Missouri competes for over $4 billion in federal education money

More than $4 billion in federal funds are available to improve education systems on the state level. Nixon and other Missouri lawmakers urge the state's education leaders to take a fresh start and be willing to break from the status quo.

MoDOT money to evaporate as residents burn less gas

Missouri's Transportation Department warns that money for highway construction could fall by two-thirds within five years.

Urban farmers collide with Kansas City rules

Collision between urban farmers and residents prompts Kansas City to consider statutes regarding livestock and small produce operations within city limits.

Policies curbed spread of spanish flu in 1918 St. Louis

Although the effects to businesses were protested at the time, policies that temporarily closed places where people gathered reduced the spread of spanish flu in St. Louis during World War I, resulting in the city having the fewest casualties from the epidemic of any major American city.

Drug courts seen as valuable, but perhaps too selective

In St. Joseph, drug courts win praise for their approach to dealing with addiction-related crime. But not every offender who might benefit can make it into the program.

Outpouring of support for girl injured in accident

Margaret Romph, now entering kindergarten, received her FES rehabilitation bike and began to recover use of her arms and legs after a serious accident.

Midwest home sales strongest in the country

Sales are up across the Midwest, thanks in large part to the federal tax credit for first-time home buyers. Des Moines and Cleveland see some of the biggest gains.

Elevator call led to Jefferson City building lockdown, police say

The hostage report started with a call from a still unidentified person to a telephone in an elevator warning of a hostage situation.

Analysis: Disunity continues between Missouri's top officials

With Missouri's Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder serving under a governor of the opposite party, there is little cooperation between their offices as Kinder seeks to separate himself from the Democratic administration before his likely bid for the governorship in the next election.

COMMENT: A first-time deer hunter's experience

In Missouri, hunting is something of a holiday. There is a Super Bowl like buzz around opening weekend of deer season. Schools close. Families gather. Money is spent. People make statements like: “Northern Missouri has some of the best deer hunting in the world.” In the spirit of our good state, I asked, show me.

Teen murder suspect in Olten case seeks mental care

The attorney for a teenager accused of killing a 9-year-old Missouri girl said she should be sent to a psychiatric hospital because showed signs of severe depression and anxiety.

Missouri public defender system topic at attorney forum

Members of The Missouri Bar will receive an overview of a report Friday that warns Missouri's public defender system is on "the brink of collapse." Public defenders have said for years that they are struggling with high caseloads because of a lack of money to hire additional employees.

Teacher testifies about scuffle at Kennett Walmart

Heather Ellis is accused of cutting in line at Walmart. Police said Ellis used obscene language and kicked and bit officers as they led her out of the store.

Gov. Nixon details community college tuition freeze

Gov. Nixon said Missouri community colleges have agreed to freeze tuition next school year if budgets are cut by only 5.2 percent, a similar deal Missouri's four-year colleges and universities recieved earlier this week.

Students unhappy with St. Louis college day care decision

St. Louis Community College trustees voted to close day care centers at the Meramec and Forest Park campuses next July to save money. Students depending on the service might have to drop out because other options are too expensive or inconvenient.

Soldier charged in Sedalia high school incident

Michael John Frederick of Kansas City was charged with making a terrorist threat after an incident at Smith-Cotton High School on Saturday night. The 19-year-old, who had been reported as AWOL, allegedly told an assistant superintendent about six escaped convicts that might kidnap or hold students hostage.

Survey suggests improving but weak Midwest, Plains economy

The economic index rose to 38.4, but a score below 50 is in negative territory.

Search warrant details photos taken of alleged sex abuse victims

The search warrant said that authorities seized more than 60 videos from Jared Mohler's home in Columbia.

UPDATE: Police seize more videos in Missouri sex abuse case

A police warrant states that more than 60 videos and computer equipment were seized from 48-year-old Jared Mohler's home in Columbia. Prosecutors added to the rape charges Thursday against Mohler, his 53-year-old brother, Burrell Mohler Jr., and his 77-year-old father, Burrell E. Mohler Sr.

UPDATE: Slaying suspect said hobby was 'killing people'

Although details have emerged since Alyssa Bustamante was indicted on charges of first-degree murder, there are facts about the murder of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten that remain a mystery.