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State Historical Society of Missouri cutting hours, staff pay

The governor said the cuts were necessary in light of lowered state revenues. Three positions were eliminated, and employees are voluntarily taking a 20 percent pay reduction.

Microsoft teams up with Missouri to increase tech literacy

Missouri is one of the first seven states to partner with Microsoft Corp. in the company's "Microsoft Elevate America" program. The program will provide Missourians with access to Microsoft certification programs and 24,750 vouchers for specialized e-learning programs.

Emergency declaration increases weight limit for trucks hauling crops

Missouri's transportation department issued an emergency declaration allowing trucks taking crops to local grain bins, elevators or processors to carry 10 percent more than their legally licensed weight. Heavy rains made it more difficult for many farmers to harvest their crops this year, and the state Department of Agriculture asked for the declaration to make it easier for farmers to take their crops to market.

State budget office created to counter governor's power closes

Missouri's Legislative Budget Office closed Friday because lawmakers had earlier decided not to reauthorize it. The office was created in 2007 as an independent resource for lawmakers looking to analyze how bills and policies affect the state's budget.

Missouri family puts together a special prom

Sarah Jones, 12, was born 15 weeks premature with cerebral palsy, followed by various other health conditions. A life-long friend, Zaph Boand, along with the help of the family and friends in the community, organized a night to remember event for her.

Analysis: Budget cuts could unplug virtual school

The governor's $204 million budget cut included ending $4.8 million in state funding for Missouri's online school. About 1,600 students would be affected.

Missouri State University president to resign

Citing the "demanding" and "complex" nature of the job, Mike Nietzel submitted a letter of resignation, but he is willing to continue working until a replacement president is found. founder sentenced to 4-plus years

Gary Kaplan, the founder of, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, violating the Wire Wager Act and conspiring to violate it. Kaplan was sentenced to four years and three months in prison.

Missouri politicians delay reporting party contributions

In Missouri, political campaigns are required to report contributions of over $5,000 within 48 hours, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch found that only about 80 percent of campaigns report a contribution of exactly $5,000 within 48 hours.

A Joplin church's stained glass marks beginning, end for glazier's career

A Joplin man who made a career out of restoring stained glass came out of retirement to save the glass at the church that started it all for him.

Urban chicken farmers learn the final truth

The Blue Door Farm in Kansas City provides an opportunity for urban farming students to see the nice and not-so-nice aspects of raising chickens in backyards.

St. Louis group wants to resurrect the mustache

Channeling their inner Tom Selleck, public relations firm says if they can bring back the mustache then they can sell anything

State lawmaker resigns from House

Ed Wildberger, D-St. Joseph, is the fifth state lawmaker to resign this year. A special election will be held Feb. 2 to fill his seat.

Missouri Southern president no-confidence vote set for Monday

A faculty group have formed their opinion of the president based on 23 complants against Bruce Speck describing what it calls failures of leadership and management.

Airplane crash kills two Cape Girardeau men

Two men have died after a single-engine airplane crashed near the small town of Blodgett.

Former senator Daschle to talk health care in Columbia

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle was scheduled to speak Friday morning at a Missouri health care summit. Also scheduled to speak is former surgeon general for the Bush administration, Richard Carmona.

Rare comics found in basement to be auctioned

The collection of more than 3,000 comics are likely to sell for more than the house they were found in.

St. Louis police looking into cops' second jobs

The St. Louis police department is investigating whether some officers are working their off-duty security jobs while they're on duty.

Teen charged in death of homeless Kansas City man

Isaiah N. Betts was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Dwayne E. Smith, who was left unconscious in a street after surveillance cameras captured a male, being accompanied by another male, strike him in the head. Smith was later run over by a car.

Empire Electric seeking 19.6 percent rate increase

Empire District Electric Company's request would mean a monthly increase of $19.21 for a residential customer. The request was filed because the company is looking to recoup money invested in building coal-fired generating units.