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UPDATE: Missouri Supreme Court upholds school-funding formula

The court ruled the state meets its constitutional obligations and that education is not a fundamental right.

U.S. agriculture interests split over climate bill

Some worry that the bill, which would cap industrial sources' emissions, would also increase energy costs more than a U.S. Department of Agriculture report anticipates.

Missouri Supreme Court upholds school funding formula

Public school districts throughout Missouri sued the state, claiming it fails to provide schools enough money and to distribute it fairly.

Kingdom City man missing after boat capsizes

Roger Redmon went missing Sunday after taking his boat out on the pond and is presumed dead.

EPA approves Missouri impaired waterway list

The Clean Water Act requires states to identify waterways not up to water quality standards, which includes having bacteria, chloride, metals, sediments and other pollutants.

Old unexploded bazooka rounds found near state park

The rounds were safely disposed, but the Army Corps of Engineers plan to search the former firing range for more unexploded rounds

ANALYSIS: Health care provides forum for venting

Even if participants are angry about Sen. Claire McCaskill's stand on health care reform, they seem to appreciate her willingness to hear them out.

USS Missouri to get Pearl Harbor shipyard makeover

The USS Missouri, the World War II battleship that hosted the formal surrender of Japan, is scheduled for shipyard repairs.

Japanese-American graduate recalls time at Washington University

Yoshio Matsumoto, 88, went back to the campus at Washington University in St. Louis for the first time since graduating in 1944. His grandson is an incoming freshman.

Missouri pesticide company exec pleads guilty

The vice president of a Buchanan County pesticide company admitted violating a federal pesticide statute. He could face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Flags fly at half-staff in memory of Missouri soldier

Army Private First Class Jonathan Yanney, 20, of Norwood died on Aug. 18 in Afghanistan.

Texas judge delays trial of convicted Missouri killer

Levi King, 26, who is charged with killing a pregnant woman, her husband and son will have his trial delayed until the arrival of DNA test results. He plead guilty last year in the shooting deaths of two Pineville residents.

UPDATE: Health care forums draw big names, crowds to Missouri

Missouri senators have different styles on health care reform. While Sen. McCaskill encountered a rowdy crowd in Springfield, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Kit Bond and Sen. Mitch McConnell held a subdued discussion in Kansas City.

Missouri counties contest fee for deputy sheriff pay

A 2008 law that allows Missouri sheriffs to charge an extra $10 for subpoenas and other court documents is being called into question by lawyers from St. Charles and St. Louis counties.

3 men convicted for selling diplomatic IDs

Three men, including a man from of Kingsville, were convicted by a federal jury in Kansas City for selling fake diplomatic IDs .

Missouri's senators approach health care town halls differently

Missouri's two senators took different approaches to the debate over health care reform in two town halls.

Armed woman forces plane to abort landing in Fulton

The woman told investigators she was mad at the plane for flying too close to her house.

Sedalia high school bans T-shirt referencing evolution

The "Brass Evolutions" shirt, showing a monkey horn player evolving into a human, is as unacceptable as a "Brass Resurrections" shirt would be, school officials say.

St. Louis area struggles to host exchange students

Exchange student programs started trying to recruit families earlier this year, but some students are staying with "welcome families" for two to eight weeks until permanent ones are found.

New texting-while-driving law goes into effect

A new law banning text messaging for Missouri drivers age 21 and under took effect Friday. But law enforcement agencies question the enforceability of the new law because it is difficult to see if a driver is texting.