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Three dead in Mexico crash

Fatal crash kills three, injures four others when vehicle collides with oncoming fire truck in Miller County on Sunday evening. 

Soldiers encounter dangerous side effects of bioterrorism vaccine

Smallpox vaccinations given to soldiers out of bioterrorism fears can have potentially fatal side effects. For Lance Cpl. Cory Belken from St. Louis, the vaccine's reaction to his pre-existing leukemia led to a frightening ordeal.

ANALYSIS: Missouri law falls short on health coverage

After a law to expand health insurance passed in 2007, the number of people insured has not increased substantially. Some Republican sponsors of the law attribute its shortcomings to a lack of marketing.

Missouri pet cemetery helps owners grieve

Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery owner said she has received late night calls more than once, seeking a consoling ear.

Part of downtown Kennett evacuated after spill

A tanker truck overturned, causing chemicals to be spilled onto the roadway.

File card switch starts photographer's career

An unlikely photographer's career began after he broke into and changed information in his Air Force personell file.

Former cancer patient wants to give back tenfold

Gary Rhine, an auctioneer and a former cancer patient, pledges to raise over $10,000 in an auction at the 18 FORE Life charity event in Dexter, Mo.

Federal court stays St. Louis man's execution

A St. Louis man convicted in a 1991 double murder was granted a stay of execution Friday. His supporters say he confessed to the murder after being beaten by police.

St. Louis man dies of tick-borne disease

The unidentified St. Louis man was infected with a bacteria that causes the disease ehrlichiosis.

Mother remembers children killed 5 years ago

The mother of two children who were murdered by their father 5 years ago finds sollace in the Independence playground that was built in their memory.

Mississippi River overlook opens in St. Louis

A 34-acre park on the banks of the Missippi River opposite the Gateway Arch opened Saturday and cost about $15 million to create.

Ft. Leonard Wood soldier killed in grenade attack in Iraq

A soldier stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq on Thursday. He was expected to return home to his family in July.

Missouri park damaged by 2005 reservoir collapse to reopen

The collapse, which happened in December 2005, sent more than 1 billion gallons of water through the Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park.

New riverfront park to open in East St. Louis

Making the park has been talked about for years, and it is named after Malcolm W. Martin, a man who pushed hard for its creation. East St. Louis has struggled with poverty for years, and the hope is that the park will bring more tourists to the city.

Division of Fire Safety keeps tabs on carnival rides

Rides at carnivals and amusement parks are undergoing spot checks from the Missouri Department of Public Safety.  The inspections have not located any problems so far.

Missouri governor promotes new economic development law in Columbia

Gov. Jay Nixon visited the Missouri Career Center in Columbia on Thursday to promote newly signed legislation that eliminates Missouri's corporate franchise tax for most of the businesses that pay it and enlarging the tax incentives available for employers who expand their payrolls or plant

Missing boy, Christian Ferguson, to be honored in St. Louis parade

Christian Ferguson, a boy who disappeared in 2003, will be among those honored in a parade this Saturday in St. Louis. His mother, Theda Thomas, helped to organize the event.

Humane Society needs help naming two new equines

A miniature donkey and miniature horse were recently born at the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. The Humane Society of Missouri is holding a contest to name them.

Bond, McCaskill join union rally against job cuts

As a result of Department of Defense cuts to two aircraft programs, 16,000 jobs could be lost. The regional impact would mean $32 billion in lost annual revenue.

St. Louis suburbs' immigration law upheld

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed a lower court's ruling in favor of the city of Valley Park's law that prohibits the hiring of illegal immigrants.