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Callaway man saves toddler from oncoming car

Witnesses to the accident have set up a fund to cover the medical expenses of the man, who is expecting a third child with his wife in several weeks.

Couple to face trial for selling baby

Missouri auditor faults Liberty schools on finances

Missouri Auditor Susan Montee cited poor spending tactics by the administration in the Liberty School District.

Names needed for offspring of rescued critters

Two newborn critters, a miniature horse and a miniature donkey, are in need of names, and the Humane Society of Missouri wants the public to help.

Power outage knocks out Missouri computer center

A power outage temporarily shut down Missouri's data center causing the state's Web site to go offline.

EPA to remind Missouri remodelers about lead dust

The Environmental Protection Agency would like to remind remodelers about a federal rule protecting children from lead dust exposure. The EPA is sending out postcards with guidelines to help contractors remember.

Meetings held for businesses planning new St. Louis bridge bids

A $640 million project to build a new bridge across the Mississippi in St. Louis is scheduled to go out to bed in the fall.  Meetings will be held Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 for businesses looking to bid for work on the project.

Closed landfill in Hannibal will not be energy source

The city of Hannibal is still searching for alternative energy sources after it was determined the amount of methane gas in an old landfill would not be sufficient to generate electricity.

Missouri conservationists ask for help in combating wildflower

Spotted knapweed, a plant not native to the Missouri area, is taking over many pastures and wildlife habitats.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking for help in eradicating the wildflower.

Federal mandate gives pay raise to Missouri's minimum wage workers

With the federal minimum wage rising to $7.25 an hour on Friday, Missouri's minimum wage workers will receive a pay increase. The state minimum wage could go above federal guidelines in January, based on the national Consumer Price Index.

UPDATE: Missouri GOP's Purgason announces U.S. Senate bid

State Sen. Chuck Purgason announced Thursday that he is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Kit Bond.

Missouri judge blocks certification of union election

At issue is the potential union representation of about 13,000 workers who help people living in their own homes perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking and cleaning.

UPDATE: Missouri keeps tabs on environmental hazards

The Missouri Department of Health is collecting and sharing data on the connection bewteen environmental hazards and chronic disease, in the hopes that the information will be used in making health care decisions and tracking health care statistics.

Council approves settlement in Kansas City mayor lawsuit

The council voted 7-3 to approve paying a former aide $550,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming the mayor's wife made racist and sexual comments to her in the office.

Missouri Senate panel to investigate withheld E. coli report

The committee said Thursday that it would hold hearings on how the Department of Natural Resources handled a report showing unsafe levels of E. coli in the Lake of the Ozarks.

Former church bulletin worker sentenced for embezzlement and counterfeit checks

John Gehm faces two years in prison and must make resitution of $123,000 after embezzling $104,000 and depositing counterfeit checks.

Missouri keeps tabs on environmental hazards

Officials hope to better warn people of places where toxins exist and contribute to illness.

Repeat offender's turnaround reflects aim of Missouri prison program

Missouri officials in 2002 started the program, which is designed to reduce repeat visitors by coordinating efforts between state agencies and social service groups.

Supporters rally for death row inmate Reginald Clemons

Forty people marched around the State Capitol and in front of the state Supreme Court calling for the release of Reginald Clemons, who was sentenced to death for the 1991 murders of Julie and Robin Kerry.

Missouri politicians look to make bids for US Senate

With Kit Bond leaving the U.S. Senate in the coming year, several Missouri politicians are eyeing his vacated seat. State Sen. Chuck Purgason, U.S. Rep Roy Blunt, and Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan have all expressed interest.