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Governor to sign bill allowing tractor parades

Gov. Jay Nixon intends to give tractor parades the go-ahead by signing a new bill.

Missouri National Guard soldier to be buried

Sgt. Paul Faris Brooks died in Iraq on May 21 and will be buried in Springfield on Saturday.

Missouri Foundation for Health launches anti-smoking initiative

The Missouri Foundation for Health has launched a campaign to try to reduce the number of smokers in the state.

Four new whooping cough cases found in southwest Missouri

New cases of whooping cough have been found and others are being investigated in Jasper County.

Missouri groups challenge initiatives to restrict eminent domain

Missouri initiatives attempting to curb the use of eminent domain to take private property are being challenged in the courts. This is the third time in four years similar measures have been proposed, but both previous attempts were defeated.

Last witness speaks at trial of Myanmar's Suu Kyi

Kyi Win, the only witness for Suu Kyi of the National League for Democracy party in Myanmar, spoke in Suu Kyi's defense as the Myanmar court listens to closing arguments.


Nixon touts plan to increase health education

The "Caring for Missourians" program offers money to state universities and community colleges in hopes of alleviating the critical shortage of health care workers. The University of Missouri System would receive $24 million for its campuses.

Umpire could be Missouri's first swine flu fatality

The umpire worked at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex, but the facility has undergone a thorough cleaning, and authorities do not believe anyone else has become infected.

Nixon seeks federal help for storm-slammed counties

Gov. Jay Nixon has asked that the federal government provide more aid to dozens of Missouri counties affected by this month's severe weather.

Husband arrested in wife, daughter's 1986 disappearance

Ronald D. Wrisinger has been charged with two count of first-degree murder in connection to the 1986 disappearance of his daughter and wife.

History may favor Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser in recall

Funkhouser's opponents have collected an estimated 20,000 signatures, but 17 percent to 20 percent of the signatures could be deemed invalid, according to the group's spokesman.

Missouri man arrested on suspicion of stealing restaurant grease

Buddy J. Buzzard's arrest on misdemeanor charges is part of a two-year trend of increasing grease thefts.

Nodler announces candidacy for U.S. House seat

State Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, says if elected he will  "resist" increases in federal spending.

Oklahoman killed in head-on collision with vehicle fleeing Missouri police

Police said the car driven by Nicholas Schilling of Belton crossed the median and struck a pickup truck while being chased by police, killing the driver. Schilling also died in the collision.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi blames woes on security breach by Missouri man

The uninvited visit of a Missouri man is the source of a new trial and new troubles for the Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Patrol makes 2,178 Memorial Day weekend arrests

The Highway Patrol's special enforcement operation led to an increased number of arrests, warnings and citations over the holiday weekend.

Springfield bank warned about lending practices

The Department of the Treasury has issued regulatory warnings against the Citizens National Bank of Springfield.

Federal Reserve officers thwart burglary attempt in Kansas City

A 22-year-old man was arrested Sunday after trying to break into the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City using a screwdriver.

12 charged in connection with human trafficking scheme in Missouri

The indictment says the conspiracy was centered around Kansas City, where the perpetrators used local companies including Giant Labor Solutions to obtain labor leasing contracts in 14 states.

UPDATE: Federal grant to air Missouri's Civil War-era cases

The National Endowment for the Humanities $330,000 grant will make thousands of case files containing material on women, African Americans and steamboats available to the public.