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Lawmaker seeks inquiry of Pinnacle CEO's actions

A gambling company's CEO asked a county councilman to cast a zoning vote against another company's planned casino in north St. Louis County. The councilman now wants an investigation into the company's actions.

KU football player diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma

University of Kansas defensive end D.J. Marshall has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. In a statement released through the university Thursday, the redshirt freshman vowed to defeat the disease and play football again.

I-64 stretch in St. Louis area to open Dec. 7

Major sections of Interstate 64 in the St. Louis area shut down for a two-year project will be completed a month early and $11 million under budget.

Facts about Fort Hood

Fort Hood, the largest active duty armored post in the U.S., houses nearly 52,000 soldiers. It is located outside Killeen, Texas.

Democrats voice support for health care bill

President Barack Obama and House Democats looked to secure votes Thursday to pass a bill that includes a health care overhaul initiative. The bill would expand coverage to millions of uninsured people that would be put into effect in 2013 if voted in. Obama plans on visiting the House on Friday to convince undecided Democrats to vote to pass the bill.

Lake of the Ozarks pollution similar to earlier problems elsewhere

Leaking on-site septic tanks contributed to pollution at Table Rock Lake in the late 1990s, but authorities in that area now enforce stricter regulations.

Where your legislators stand in the health care debate

Look at a breakdown of some of the key issues and where Missouri senators and representatives stand on pieces of health care reform.

The muck stops here: Bureaucracy may be at the root of septic tank problem

Bureaucratic complexities make it unclear which state department is responsible for the state of on-site and residential septic systems.

Panel considers problem of DWI prosecution and recidivism

Gov. Nixon called for stronger and more consistent enforcement of DWI procedures across the state.  A panel of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement personnel met to discuss options.

Police investigate missing woman, burned out car

A missing woman's car was found completely burned out. No human remains were found in the car. The situation is under investigation.

Grant to help Missouri's Amish, Mennonites reduce pesticide use

The EPA has given the University of Missouri Extension $51,158 to help Amish and Mennonite produce growers reduce the use of high-risk pesticides.

Ex-clerk faces trial for faking cancer, taking money

A former clerk for the McDonald County prosecutor's office will go to court for  accepting $10,000 in donations for cancer treatment although she did not have cancer.

Missouri treasurer warns of unclaimed property scam

Missouri Treasurer Clint Zwiefel is warning people to watch out for e-mails telling them that his office may have some unclaimed property for them.

Number of turkeys killed by Missouri hunters second lowest

Missouri hunters kill 8,300 turkeys, down from 28,000 in 1987. However, this number is still higher than last year's number.

Walmart scuffle leads to charges and issues of racism

A woman arrested in a Walmart in Kennett on Jan. 6, 2007 and charged with assaulting two police officers, distrubing the peace and resisting arrest says she was a target of racial slurs by officers who physically mistreated her.

Defendant uses mental disability as defense against death penalty sentence

 Andrew Lyons, 52, was given two death sentences in 1996 for killing his girlfriend and her mother in 1992. Lyons' attorney, Fred Duchardt, said that his client is mentally disabled and scored low on intelligence tests. In an earlier case the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the mentally disabled cannot be executed.

Thirteen road resurfacing projects approved for mid-Missouri

Four of the 13 programs approved in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program are in Boone County. The projects will be funded with federal stimulus money.

UPDATE: Governor calls for crackdown on DWI prosecution

Gov. Jay Nixon and other officials said prosecution of the state's DWI laws has been lax and is in bad need of reform.

Costs compound septic system problems at Lake of the Ozarks

Old septic systems near the lake are failing, but the cost to replace them is too high for many local residents.

UPDATE: State revenue collections continue to fall

Although the revenue collections have declined by 11 percent, the state budget director said she thinks the decline will improve to 4 percent by the end of fiscal year 2010.