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AT&T settles tax cases for $65 million

In 2004 more than 300 cities in Missouri sued AT&T, saying the company was not paying enough taxes by excluding certain types of revenue. The settlement, which involves the company paying back the taxes and paying them in the future, has received preliminary approval.

Chrysler plant to reopen briefly

The north assembly plant in St. Louis county will be open for two weeks to fulfill remaining orders on the Dodge Ram pickup truck. It will then close for good on July 10.

Unlike Sourth Carolina's Sanford, most governors are easy to find

In the wake of Sandord's admission of a week-long trip to visit his mistress in Argentina, most governors were willing to reveal their wearabouts to the press and prove that they were on the job.

Former state budget director paints bleak picture of Missouri's finances

Missouri's current deficit is nearly $1 billion. A significant drop in revenue combined with lack of significant spending cuts during the past fiscal year are largely to blame.

Cartoon-shaped drugs hit Kansas City streets

Many pills and tablets advertised as Ecstasy or MDMA contain BZP, another illicit drug with similar effects, instead, according to crime labs.

Missouri man drowns at Lake of the Ozarks

Todd Cornine of Richmond, Mo., was found dead in 16 feet of water at the Lake of the Ozarks. He had gone swimming earlier and never resurfaced.

Former Chiefs lineman involved in deadly accident

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said that one woman was killed and two of her passengers injured. The former lineman was not listed as injured.

Fears remain a year after 8 killings in 2 states

A man has been charged in the Missouri and  Illinois deaths and is awaiting trial.

Sedalia woman masters the art of the hula hoop

Heather Hughes hula hoops every day as a way to relax and express herself. She makes her own hoops and sells home-made hoops at festivals and the Sedalia Area Farmers' Market.

UPDATE: Suspect arrested in Cole Camp slayings

Authorities have charged 45-year-old Robert Blurton on three counts of first-degree murder for the shooting deaths of three people in Cole Camp.

Suspect arrested in Cole Camp slayings

Authorities have arrested a suspect in connection with a triple homicide in Cole County. The bodies of three family members were found shot to death in their home earlier this month.

St. Louis County reports two heat-related deaths

A 75-year-old man and a 62-year old woman were both found dead, and their deaths are being blamed on the heat wave.

Missouri judge strikes down affirmative action measure

Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan said there was a technical flaw in the draft of a proposed constitutional amendment.

Heat causing pavement buckling and blowups in Missouri

When pavement temperatures rise, concrete slabs expand, push up against each other and either heave up or crumble. This is happening across the country, not just in Missouri.

Five chosen for Missouri press hall of fame

Brian Brooks, associate dean at the MU School of Journalism, is one of five who will be inducted to the hall of fame in October.

Missouri's timber industry hurt by recession

In the past 18 months, the state's timber industry has fallen by 25 percent. But those in the industry remain optimistic.

Missouri highway agency poll triggers budget veto

The Missouri Department of Transportation spent about $33,000 on a poll used to lobby elected officials to shoot down a bill allowing motorcyle riders age 21 and older to ride helmet-free on most state roads.

Missouri earns 'C' for financial disclosure laws

The state ranked in a tie with Oregon and Kentucky for 19th in the country.

Southeast Missouri town will change to 4-day weeks

The change in hours is a trial for July to October.

St. Louis prepares heat relief for Cardinals fans

Flush in the middle of a hot spell, St. Louis officials are preparing heat relief for crowds at upcoming Cardinals games.  Too late to reschedule the games, members of the city's fire department will be on hand at Busch Stadium to provide help.