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KC unveils plan to be more bike friendly


The city plans to spend about $7 million this year on five more miles of trails.By 2025, the plan calls for 230 miles of trails just within the city limits.

Train derails in Franklin County

Cars jumped the tracks along the riverbank of the Missouri River at Route 185 and Highway 100.

Smoke inhalation killed Missouri couple whose home exploded

Both people used oxygen and had removed all gas appliances inside the home because the wife was a smoker.

Missouri man detained in Myanmar

A Missouri man is accused of swimming across a lake to sneak into the home of detained Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Ky, who is not allowed visitors. 

Layoffs continue in Missouri, other states despite stimulus

Although Congress passed a $135 billion stimulus package, many states, including Missouri, are laying off public employees because they cannot afford to keep them even with the stimulus funds.

Woman finds "Twilight" sequel script in St. Louis

Her decision to turn the "New Moon" script over to the studio got her an invitation to the premiere of the vampire movie sequel.

Missouri House approves health care provider taxes

Missouri has finally found a way to draw more federal Medicaid money. The bill that places a tax on health care providers passed through the Missouri House on Monday. If it is approved by Gov. Jay Nixon, the money from the taxes will be used to increase the federal Medicaid money coming in.

Thousands in Missouri still without power

Power outages remain in southern Missouri after Friday's storms. 

Deer euthanized after it was injured at Kansas City airport

A deer ran into Kansas City International Airport early Monday morning. It eventually ran into an office, where officers from Kansas City Animal Control and Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services tranquilized, and later euthanized, it.

Probe sought into phone spam companies selling vehicle warranties

A lot of these companies are based in the St. Louis area. The St. Louis Better Business Bureau receives numerous complaints about the companies every month.

Bills would help adopted adults find birth family information

Time is running out in this legislative session, but sponsors see hope for the future.

Ticks seem to be bugging us earlier and in greater numbers

An MU professor blames the abundance of habitat and hosts. With 4 million deer in the state, many in urban areas and the creation of back-to-nature areas, the little buggers have lots of places to live and multiply.

Laid-off software engineer offers 'cheap therapy' and chance to break stuff

Customers of Smash-N-Shatter can break shot glasses, plates or bring their own breakable items.

UPDATE: Cleanup begins after Midwest storms killed 6

Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency to make state resources available for cleanup. Three people died in Missouri as a result of the storms.

UPDATE: Family of 'Wizard of Oz' actor sues caretaker

Mickey Carroll, who died Thursday, signed his assets over to his caretaker four months before he died. Carroll's family says the caretaker took advantage of him.

Kansas City police investigating failure to report hit-and-run

Officers responding to 911 calls did not file a police report or refer the case to the vehicular crimes section of the department.

Man sues Missouri town for broken arm

Phillip Forte, 88, is suing the Kansas City suburb of Oakview for $5 million after claiming that a police officer broke his arm during a traffic stop.

Midwest states start cleanup after storms that killed five

Thunderstorms stretched from Arkansas and northern Mississippi to Tennesee and Kentucky. Areas of Missouri and Illinois have been declared disaster areas.

Debate over stimulus funds rages in Missouri Senate

Missouri senators backed the state's higher education budget 29-4, but some expressed concerns over plans to increase the budget for the 2010 fiscal year.

3 die in storms in southern Missouri on Friday

Gov. Jay Nixon called a state of emergency to help counties respond to the storms that caused deaths, injuries and damage in Missouri.