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Springfield council looks at same sex law

The Springfield City Council is considering the removal of a local ordinance that makes it illegal to entice a member of the same gender to engage in sexual activity in a public place.

Springfield mayor asks residents to ease city's financial woes

Because of budget cuts, the mayor of Springfield is asking residents to help the city by adopting a park, manning City Hall phones or donating to the history museum, among other activities.

Budget battles keep states from tackling reforms

Unlike their colleagues in Washington, where policy work isn't hindered by the need to pay as you go, state lawmakers generally can't leave for home without settling on a spending plan.

Controversial Missouri-manufactured fireworks pulled from shelves

The fireworks, called "Run Hadji Run," included packaging that showed a bomber jet flying over a group of Arab men on camels.

Tribal casinos boost Oklahoma revenue nearly 30 percent

Three of the seven tribes that operate northeast Oklahoma casinos contributed to the increase.

Mother in Missouri MySpace case says it was properly dismissed

Lori Drew, a St. Louis-area mother convicted of cyberbullying in November, had her case tentatively thrown out Thursday. Drew created a fictitious teen boy on MySpace and flirted with — before dumping — a 13-year-old girl who ended up committing suicide.

Missouri insurance department helps return nearly $6 million to customers

In the first half of 2009, the state's insurance department has assisted in returning nearly $6 million dollars to customers from insurance companies.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri approved for tax credits

The youth mentoring program received $85,000 in tax credits from the Missouri Department of Economic Development on June 30.

St. Louis civic leaders concerned about violence

Violent crime has increased in St. Louis in the past two days.  Rep. Jamilah Nasheed called a town hall meeting Thursday night so that politicians, police and members of the public could discuss the issue.

Recent killings in Kansas bring concern of trend

Kansas City, Kan., is now at 22 homicides in 2009, up from 14 this time last year. But police say violent crime has been steadily declining overall.

St. Louis man shot, drives through fence near Arch

On Friday morning St. Louis police discovered a man who'd driven through a fence near the Laclede's Landing area after being shot.

Police: 911 call led to suspect in Cole Camp shootings

Robert Blurton of Garnett, Kan., is charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Missouri names first female commissioner of education

Chris Nicastro was selected as Missouri's first female education commissioner Thursday. She will start on Aug. 1.

Appointing special master in capital cases is rare in Missouri

The special master in the Reginald Clemons case will conduct hearings much like a trial, collecting evidence and creating a record for the Missouri Supreme Court to review, a communications counsel for the court said.

UPDATE: Judge tentatively acquits woman in MySpace case

Lori Drew was convicted in a trial, but the judge says that if she is to be found guilty of illegally accessing computers, anyone who has ever violated the social networking site's terms of service would be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Nixon vetoes Missouri motorcycle helmet bill

The legislation would have allowed people 21 and older to ride without helmets on all roads except interstate highways.

UPDATE: Nixon vetoes motorcycle helmet bill

Gov. Jay Nixon on Thursday vetoed a bill that would have relaxed motorcycle helmet laws, citing concerns about safety and cost.

Missouri revenues down 6.9 percent in 2009 fiscal year

For the year, sales tax collections fell 5.8 percent; individual income tax collections dropped 2.9 percent; and corporate tax collections fell 13.9 percent.

Police seek record federal aid to avoid layoffs

The economic stimulus bill included $1 billion for aid to police departments, but there have been applications for more than $8.3 billion.

Missouri wants statue of Truman put in U.S. Capitol

Gov. Jay Nixon has requested that a statue of former President Harry Truman, who grew up in Independence, be placed in the U.S. Capitol.