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Branson Christian sports camp director accused of child molestation

The incidents are alleged to have happened from 1999 to 2008.

Missouri students to protest campus coal use

Student will protest MU's use of coal in its power plants today as part of the Sierra Club's Coal-Free Campus campaign.

Felony charges filed in theft of 48 cattle

The two men are suspected of stealing 48 cattle from a Lawrence County ranch between May and September

Earthquake conference held to plan for potential next big quake

The State Emergency Management Agency is hosting the Catastrophic Earthquake Conference to address how to respond to needs in the event of an major earthquake.

State pushes back bid process in bridge project

The Missouri Department of Transportation is pushing back the bid process for the new Mississippi River bridge to see how it can best use minority and women contractors.

Southwest Missouri plant pays fine after hiring undocumented immigrants

George's Processing Inc. paid a $450,000 fine Friday as a settlement without admitting or denying guilt for the charge of hiring undocumented immigrant workers.

Police: teen burned by his own fire bomb

The 17-year old tried to throw a Molotov cocktail at another teen when it exploded after the other teen hit the fire bomb with a stick.

Steelman won't run for Senate seat in 2010

After struggling with the decision, Steelman ultimately chose not to run for Republican Sen. Kit Bond's seat so she could raise her children in Missouri.

Legislators unlikely to override any of Gov. Nixon's 22 vetoes

Legislators discussed possibly overriding a veto on a bill that would expand expand legislative review over federal stimulus funds by creating an oversight committee with subpoena power.

First autism committee meeting brings emotional testimony

The Interim Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorders met for the first time Tuesday to gather information about the disorder.

Missouri emergency responders examine preparedness for quake

At a conference Wednesday, state emergency professionals discussed their preparedness for a natural disaster on par with Hurricane Katrina, a possible earthquake along the New Madrid fault.

Democrats turn back veto override try in Missouri House

The veto override had a 86-71 vote, which was short of the 109 votes for a two-thirds majority.

U.S. farmers on verge of giant corn harvest

Favorable weather has been the primary contributor to huge harvests of crops nationwide. Yields are up from recent years.

Missouri judge rejects lawsuit about fee to increase deputy's pay

A Jefferson City judge rebuked two counties that had argued the fee was unconstitutional.

Steelman won't run for Missouri Senate seat in 2010

Former state treasurer Sarah Steelman, who previously said she considered running for Senate, decided not to run because she wants to raise her youngest son in Missouri.

Democratic group fined for unethical contributions to Missouri attorney general's campaign

Donations made by the Democratic Attorneys General Association to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster's 2008 election campaign have been deemed unethical by state commission, costing the group $10,000.

Duplex in Columbia dedicated to growing marijuana

Boone County officials said no lived at the duplex, which had extensive electrical rewiring.

Authorities raid puppy mill, remove 100 dogs

Authorities said the dogs were mostly small breeds including poodles, miniature pinschers and Yorkshire terriers.

Two sentenced in Kansas City woman's death at meth lab

The woman died after accidentally drinking diluted lye, which is used to make methamphetamine.

SLU's Doisy Research Center tests H1N1 vaccine

The Edward A. Doisy Research Center in St. Louis held a press conference, gave a tour and answered questions about the development of the H1N1 vaccine. The vaccine should be available to high risk individuals in mid-October