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Private sector investing in Missouri charter schools

As enrollment grows, charter schools are finding ways to supplement public funds with private investors.

Jefferson City inmates design penitentiary Web site

A dozen inmates from the Jefferson City Correctional Center helped create the site for the former prison, Missouri State Penitentiary, despite a lack of experience with the Internet.

Officials: Man didn't hear train that killed him

Officials said the man didn't hear the train coming because he was wearing earphones.

Missouri gets baseball stadium upgrades

Taylor Stadium is getting its first major renovation since 2000 in an effort to improve the player experience.

State National Guard taps into stimulus funds

Nearly $3 million is being used to upgrade the Guard's facilities.

Missouri family finds 1927 film of St. Joseph picnic

The 1927 film was in excellent condition, considering its age, and has been restored and put on DVD. It was discovered in a house previously belonging to a family of Russian immigrants.

Man shot by Joplin police officer dies

A police officer was trying to detain 34-year-old David Bogard on suspicion of driving while intoxicated when Bogard used mace on the officer then fled. Bogard died Sunday night after being shot.

Duo unharmed after plane crashes into Higginsille Lake

The airport manager said the plan lost power after take off. The two passengers survived the crash landing into Higginsville Lake.


77-year-old runner still hasn't hit the wall

Jerry Smartt of Warsaw is the fastest man in the world of his age, after competing in the World Masters Track and Field Championship in Lahti, Finland. The runners who beat him at the competition were younger.

Rising Katy Trail traffic boosts trailside businesses

A rebound in Katy traffic has boosted trailside businesses in St. Charles County as the bike shops, taverns and wineries that cater to the tens of thousands who cycle the Katy Trail near St. Louis report that business has been strong this year. Some point to the recession as the reason for the traffic increase, saying that more people are choosing affordable, local recreation over spendy long-distance travel.

Mexico, Mo., woman dedicates time to writing books

After her husband's death, Phyllis J. Hornbeck decided to write her first book based on her life experiences.

Some Midwest Catholic leaders question government health care

A joint letter from Kansas and Missouri Bishops says church teaching doesn't suggest socialization of medical services.

Leipheimer set to return for Tour of Missouri

Levi Leipheimer, a Tour de France veteran who crashed and broke his wrist, plans to return to the wheel during the third Tour of Missouri. The Missouri race is among the top five cycling events outside of Europe.

Reader's Digest stays upbeat despite trouble signs

The magazine's editor-in-chief says there is still a place for a general-interest print magazines in a digital media age.

Two East St. Louis men sentenced in multistate marijuana bust

Two East St. Louis men were sentenced to federal prison after helping to distribute 2,200 pounds of Mexican marijuana from Arizona to Illinois, Missouri and Ohio, prosecutors said. 

A Labor Day look at the state of the workforce

The latest numbers indicate that the U.S. economy's long-term shift from farming and manufacturing to service sector jobs continues apace, while in the short term, the recession has left the labor market in disarray. Unemployment is up, workweek hours are down and the construction and financial sectors have shed significant numbers of jobs.

Formula revision shows higher poverty rate

A new formula could provide a more refined picture of American poverty that would capture the everyday costs of necessities besides just food.

Cash for Clunkers program causing fines

Some Missouri car dealers have held onto paperwork needed to register and title new vehicles. The dealers are holding on to the paperwork until the government reimburses them.

Missourians to pay more for state employee pensions

The state employee retirement system, one of the state's two pension funds, lost 19.1 percent on investments for the year. To offset this loss in money, state tax funds might need to contribute anywhere between 1.5 percent to 20 percent more in Missouri's next budget.

Missouri receives $22 million for Medicaid fraud

Missouri will recieve $22 million from Pfizer and its subsidiaries for Medicaid fraud, which is part of a $1 billion nationwide settlement.